Zeke Pike, CEO of EZ Ecomm's 3 Reasons You Should Start an Amazon Store Heading into 2021
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Zeke Pike, CEO of EZ Ecomm's 3 Reasons You Should Start an Amazon Store Heading into 2021

Friday, October 30, 2020 8:00 AM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 30, 2020 / Zeke Pike, former All American Quarterback is the founder and CEO of EzEcomm, a 7 figure e-commerce agency based out of Miami, Florida that is focused on developing and managing Amazon stores to create passive income opportunities for their clients. We had the pleasure of interviewing him and asked what the three reasons accounting for the functional convenience of starting an Amazon store heading into 2021 included. His response was: "Low Initial Investment, Reaching Millions of Customers, and Benefit from Amazon's Reputation."

Low Initial Investment

The initial investment to get started selling on amazon can be relatively low. You only have a few overheard membership fees monthly but that can be covered by your first few sales on the platform. Unlike other platforms you don't need a marketing budget, you don't need to hire any marketing team, It can all be done by a single person or team making the investment a lot lower than other selling platforms.

Reach millions of customers

What separates Amazon from other selling platforms is the need for no advertisement. When selling on Amazon you don't have to spend any money on advertising or marketing for your products while still reaching millions of potential customers. This is crucial since you don't have to worry about marketing, you can reinvest that money into fulfilling orders. Amazon operates on a Buy Box meaning if you have the best price and ratings despite the other 30 people selling the same exact product, your store and product will be what's purchased by the consumer. The reach on the Amazon platform is phenomenal because you aren't limited to just customers in a specific category but in every category. Essentially as long as you obtain the Buy Box on a product your customer reach on amazon is infinite.

Benefit from Amazon's Reputation

Amazon is becoming one of the top businesses in the world with perhaps one of the most distinguished leading reputations as well. There are a series of different verification systems and checkpoints you have to navigate to successfully open an amazon store on the platform. From the perspective of a customer when viewing products it doesn't strike them that your store is brand new because what they pay attention to nine out of ten times is the product review. When they are viewing the product reviews on the Amazon platform it doesn't show the lack of reviews for your store. This allows for your store to be deemed reputable temporarily until you can generate reviews of your own.


Amazon's business model has been instrumental in EZ Ecomm's growth to success. Amazon Prime Day garnered a collective sales value of over $3.5 billion while prime members saved up to $1.4 billion owing to the various deals and discounts on products. A 40.23% growth in revenue year-over-year has paved the way for a marketplace filled with opportunities. Zeke's effort and EZ Ecomm's business league will help you run your Amazon account and let you take care of your creative business. 2021 is expected to be an economically volatile time and EZ Ecomm is letting you grab the best market opportunities.

EZ Ecomm is a pioneer e-commerce agency that is creating the best opportunities for sellers to reach out to the global audience through their stores. Prior to 2021, he is inviting sellers to join his league and bring in sales through their automated store management. An Amazon store is the future of retail and eCommerce that is set to change the course of business models across the world in the times to come.

For any further information, visit EZ Ecomm's official website or contact him via Email at [email protected].


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