Abbey Scott Celebrates How Her Businesses Have Unfolded Over the Years
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Abbey Scott Celebrates How Her Businesses Have Unfolded Over the Years

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 11:55 PM
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FRISCO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2020 / There are certain experiences that most people wouldn't expect would unfurl in the long run. Abbey Scott didn't realize that her life would take an unprecedented turn when she ventured into the business industry. She graduated from Holy Cross in 2015 as a Division 1 athlete majoring in Economics. She completed an internship during college at an investment bank. She was offered a full-time position on Wall Street to begin after graduation.

At the time, Abbey Scott had plans to climb the corporate ladder in finance. She aimed at one day being part of a C-Suite during her time on Wall Street, to which she eventually met her husband, Mike Crowson. They both had the idea of starting a coffee company built and grown by women. Mike became her business partner, who was also an entrepreneur at heart. He was the one that saw the potential of their business long before Abbey would realize.

The couple did their research with a specific vision in mind. They designed the bags themselves as well as the site of their business. They personally tested the coffees and launched their joint business in December of 2017. When their company launched, Abbey Scott was promoted into her bank's Oil & Gas business and had to move from NYC to Houston, Texas. Shortly after the launch, she decided to create a community that was built on her brand.

Eventually, she left Wall Street and dove full-time into Coffee Over Cardio®, which was the name of their joint coffee business. During this time, Abbey Scott also started supporting Mike's marketing consulting position and eventually signed a few small businesses as clientele on the marketing side. After a few short months, a few new small business clients, their consulting marketing company, developed into a different business called Fit Legacy.

Two years later, Abbey Scott began to expand their clientele and pushed their marketing team further with capabilities into a full agency, which is known as Fit Legacy Marketing. The company grew dramatically from 0 to 10 employees earning $500,000 annually in a span of six months. Fit Legacy Marketing Agency is a full-fledged team providing capabilities that allow for massive expansion. Conventionally, agencies would focus on one main source of marketing as their specialty.

However, Fit Legacy Marketing Agency manages to cover all the bases. As the days go by, they have managed to grow their team to be able to bring the specialties they need on the table. Their services range from various things such as social media advertising, affiliate programs, website optimization, graphics email strategy, and more for their own brand Coffee Over Cardio®. Their branding bags are incredibly unique and are new to the coffee industry.

Not only are their branding bags unique, but they also manage to keep the overall freshness of their coffee products. Customers are sure to fall in love with Coffee Over Cardio® from the very first sip. The fun flavors of their coffees readily stand out from the rest. They have various unique flavors such as Saturdaze Chocolate donut, Messy Bun Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, and many more.

Coffee Over Cardio creates flavors that are made with extracts, so there are no added sugars or certain preservatives that would ruin the flavor. Just like Abbey Scott, she's had nature run its course. Truly natural, as her opportunities unfolded before her, opportunities that she has readily accepted along the way.

Celebrate in the various entrepreneurial successes of Abbey Scott by visiting the official website of Coffee Over Cardio.

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