Simplisoft Water Systems on a Mission to Provide the Best Water Treatment System in the US
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Simplisoft Water Systems on a Mission to Provide the Best Water Treatment System in the US

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 8:37 PM
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KATY, TX / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2020 / Clean, healthy water from the tap has now become a reality for the average US homeowner. Simplisoft Water Systems, a Katy, Texas based company, is disrupting the water treatment industry by providing top-quality, affordable water conditioning systems, partnering with certified testing labs, offering unparalleled customer service, and educating the public on what they actually need to treat their home water.

The Simplisoft leadership team is composed of former water treatment customers who were misinformed and overpaid for their water conditioning systems; this led to their current mission of educating the public and providing fair pricing so everyone can use and drink the water in their home safely.

What makes Simplisoft stand out among the rest in the industry is their initiative of educating the community about the water problems that exist and how they can be fixed. This has quickly made them a trusted advisor to their customers, as they are not seen as a company trying to make a quick sale. "We priced our products so that they are fair and affordable and we don't push our customers to buy what they don't need," says Simplisoft Sales Director, Mark Wilson. "Our customers have told us that they appreciate how much information we give them, and how we don't use sales tricks such as offering 'free' cleaning products or 'free' add-on systems such as under-sink filters to justify ridiculously high pricing," he adds.

Instead of 'fancy' water testing demonstrations, Simplisoft representatives explain how their systems actually work and debunk misinformation that people typically hear. Moreover, their transparency is shown in their online pricing, which includes installation, so customers can access all the information they should know before they ever speak to their representatives.

A homeowner once asked Simplisoft to visit them in a subdivision near Conroe, Texas, as they had received other quotes between $6,000 to $9,000 for whole-home water softening and carbon filtration systems. "They were referred to us by a customer that knew our pricing was significantly less and they wanted to learn more. When we arrived, we tested their water hardness and found that they actually had soft water and did not even need a water softener."

To give the customer further peace of mind, the team took a water sample and had Simple Lab test the water and provide a lab-certified test for free. The test results came back that the customer's water quality was within the US's 86th percentile, and their water hardness was, in fact, 2.2 gpg, which is classified by the USGS as soft water. "We recommended a whole-home carbon filtration system (without a water softener) to remove the chlorine and chloramines, which saved them even more than what they were expecting." Furthermore, Mark explains, "Other than having to add salt to water softeners every so often and replacing the carbon filter media when it's due, which is after several years, there is no annual maintenance for our whole-home systems. The customer should only have to see us if there is an issue with their system."

Simplisoft Water Systems is growing faster than expected, and moving towards their ultimate goal of being in every state in the US. As they grow, one thing's for sure: they will continue to be at the forefront of providing homeowners with the latest water treatment technology at continued fair and affordable pricing.

To know more about Simplisoft Water Systems, visit their website.


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