The Empire: A New Market Leader Emerges
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The Empire: A New Market Leader Emerges

Friday, October 30, 2020 11:44 AM
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CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2020 / Built out of a huge love for sneakers and newly added sports cards, The Empire has quickly gained nationwide recognition for its place in the marketplace. With more than 20,000 followers across all platforms, and sales to big names, it is no surprise that they have made a big name for themselves in the industry. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when consumers had no sports to watch, the Empire has steadily gained a stronger fan base due to its crafty ways of keeping fans hooked and new followers wanting more.

The exclusive platform was started in 2014 and carries a wide array of limited-edition products and supplies that its members can shop for-from the hottest sneakers and streetwear to the sweetest sports collectibles and memorabilia. Fans love the reliable and trustworthy platform, as it gives them peace of mind when purchasing sought-after collectibles there. The Empire also allows its large fan base to sell among themselves under their platform.

The Empire has always solely focused on sneakers until recently, when they introduced sports card breaks to their customers. A sports card break is a way for customers to get into ripping their favorite sports cards at a fraction of the price. Breaks allow customers to split the cost of the boxes with other customers to save on the cost, and it keeps the anticipation high for big hits. The Empire has pulled its clients cards that are worth down payments on a house, at a fraction of the price, which keeps all of its clients coming back for more.

When they first launched their breaks just a year ago on their social media platforms, business was slow. But today, they have done more than 150 breaks, with more than half a million dollars in sales. Night after night, hundreds of viewers tune into their live breaks on Instagram and Facebook just to watch them pull their favorite sports cards. The Empire takes great pride in the strong community it has built based on two things: trust and respect.

Suvrat Soni started The Empire as a hobby. He never took out any loans, as it was only meant to be for fun and perhaps to make a little side cash. That hobby has now turned into a multi-million dollar business and is only growing by the day. Coming from a working-class family, he never thought that his business would grow to the magnitude that it has, but he remains humble. The Empire is the only known company that has put sneakers and sports cards under one roof. Aside from this, it has the lowest prices on the market.

When Suvrat was younger, he watched with motivation as his parents struggled to make ends meet. They worked very hard to make sure that they could put food on the table, a very eye-opening upbringing for him. He knew he wanted to make something for himself so that he would not have to do the same for his family when he grew older.

When he first moved to Chicago, he did not have many friends. The sneakerhead community was the one that first embraced him and the sense of belongingness that he felt motivated him to create the platform. In the future, he plans to enter many different fields, such as real estate.

The Empire continues to gain membership and patronage all across the Midwest not only for the sweet deals and limited-edition memorabilia that they offer but also for the sense of community and trust that they foster.

Take a look at their ever-growing platform on Facebook and Instagram.


Company: The Empire LLC
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Phone number: 901-550-2809

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The Empire LLC
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