Rebecca Wayman, a Savannah-Based Real Estate Agent, Shares the Benefits of a Personal Realtor Relationship Versus Using an Online Marketplace
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Rebecca Wayman, a Savannah-Based Real Estate Agent, Shares the Benefits of a Personal Realtor Relationship Versus Using an Online Marketplace

Monday, October 26, 2020 11:00 AM
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SAVANNAH, GA / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2020 / You type in a few search filters, hit send, and are instantly met with hundreds of available homes.

This system seems efficient and easy, but who will be there to look out for your best interest when it comes time to make that offer, to assist you in finding the best professionals to inspect and evaluate your potential purchase, or to hold your hand when you find out the hard truth that this home may not be for you? While an online real estate marketplace may seem alluring, it cannot ever take the place of a personal relationship with a realtor. Rebecca Wayman, a real estate agent based out of Savannah, Georgia, knows this first hand.

Growing up on a farm in Kansas, Rebecca learned the importance of hard work and family values from a young age. On the farm, everyone had a job, responsibilities, and an expectation to contribute. When Rebecca started her career in real estate as a single, young mother of three, she knew the journey wouldn't be easy, but she dedicated herself to being the best agent she could possibly be, and providing the highest level of service and support to her clients.

Rebecca chuckles at the irony that she ended up in a "sales" industry. She shares her experience working for a telemarketing firm, selling long-distance phone plans in college, a position that made her vow she would never work in sales again.

"Real Estate is different though," she explains, "I am truly helping people with something they need now, no one needed to change their long-distance phone plan, but everyone needs a home."

Rebecca has found great joy in the dance of buying, selling, and negotiations. In each transaction, she strives to make the experience as low-stress as possible for her clients. Unfortunately, "low-stress" isn't a filter in the online marketplace search bar. This is just one of many reasons that a personal relationship with a real estate agent is so important. She has had first hand experience dealing with situations where client's buyers and/or sellers had unforeseen issues come up and, thus, the deal fell through. Rebecca took each of those as a learning opportunity. She encourages her clients to ask as many questions as they can think of, in order to learn, as there is no such thing as a bad question. Rebecca's main priority is her client's long term best interest, no matter what their decision is in the end.

Rebecca takes the same care when it comes to marketing her clients' homes as well as when she is representing potential buyers. Each home is unique and she takes a proactive, hands on approach to making sure her clients' needs are met and they know that she is working with their best interest in mind. This is so important since buying a home is one of the largest investments one will make in their lifetime.

Next, Rebecca offers a level of kindness and support that the cold keys of the computer simply cannot provide.

"I love being the first person a family meets when they move to Savannah," says Rebecca.

As their realtor, in many ways, she is the "gate-keeper" to the city. When working with new families, Rebecca doesn't simply show them homes in the area, she also provides referrals for the best doctors, plumbers, and hairdressers. This comes back to an inner kindness, that Rebecca admits gives her a leg up. Rebecca simply calls it "being nice". Today, far too few people prioritize simple human kindness and respect. Rebecca will do all she can to take care of her clients and their small needs because those small things become the big things in the end.

Finally, the unique coastal landscape of Savannah, Georgia provides an additional hurdle to overcome when finding one's dream home. Rebecca explains that because Savannah is so spread out, newcomers often have a difficult time pinpointing the location that they want to move to. Rebecca describes the home buying experience akin to putting together a puzzle. There are multiple factors to consider, and Rebecca takes them all into account. Before ever showing a home, Rebecca first establishes the buyer's priorities, and whether they are looking for a home that is close to the water, within a certain school district, or close to restaurants and nightlife. All of these factors are important to consider because those small matters contribute to Rebecca's ability to match the buyer with their perfect home.

For most people, buying a home is one of the biggest decisions they'll ever make. While a search bar might turn up a few interesting options, the care, support, and dedication that can be expected when working one-on-one with Rebecca is impossible to compete with. To partner with Rebecca Wayman of Wayman Reality, visit


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Rebecca Wayman
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