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Marc Zaransky Discusses the Automotive Industry and the Impact of the Pandemic In New Feature Article

Friday, 16 October 2020 01:45 PM

Almost every industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. From restaurants to car dealerships, businesses have had to pivot their strategies online to maintain relevancy during lockdown. Marc Zaransky, who has been in the automobile industry for 35 years, believes that the pandemic will change the way that people buy cars, even after the economy returns to its previous state.

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / October 16, 2020 / In a new article, Marc Zaransky discusses how COVID-19 has changed how people buy cars and how it may impact the future of automobile sales. As an automotive consultant with decades of experience in the industry, Marc Zaransky shares his predictions for how COVID-19 will impact the automobile industry and how it has already changed daily operations.

More than one-third of consumers shop online weekly since the coronavirus pandemic hit-which is up 28% pre-pandemic. Marc Zaransky explains that car dealerships have seen their online sales rising dramatically, including home deliveries: "Car dealerships are going to need to get used to this new reality, as consumers continue to purchase cars online and have them delivered to their homes, just like they do other products. Not only will this change how dealerships operate, but it may signify the end of the traditional car salesperson as we know them." This shift may necessitate onboarding product experts who are able to communicate with customers virtually, potentially eliminating some sales positions that rely on in-person communication.

As an industry known for its haggling, this aspect of purchasing a car may be eliminated entirely once everything moves online. Marc Zaransky explains: "Dealerships across the United States have already started offering no-haggle, used car pricing. In other words, dealerships are taking the pricing of the cars into their own hands, pricing them at competitive rates that won't incite people to haggle, a practice that is hard to do virtually."

Lastly, Marc Zaransky speaks about the future of automobile sales. He explains that assuming things will return to ‘business as usual' may be naïve: "Online shopping is likely to remain popular due to the convenience it provides customers. Shopping online is simple and much faster (and currently, far less risky) than driving into a dealership and speaking with a salesman in person. Further, even if some people are reluctant to completely close the deal online, you will still see customers going online for their information and ultimately making a decision prior to coming into a dealership."

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About Marc Zaransky

Marc Zaransky is a thriving entrepreneur and businessman who successfully transformed a small automotive business into one of the most successful independent leasing companies in Illinois. Currently operating out of all fifty states, Marc specializes in advising and providing handicap buses for the nursing home industry and retirement communities.

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