Nikita Gibson: A Female Entrepreneur Who Will Inspire You to Chase Your Dreams
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Nikita Gibson: A Female Entrepreneur Who Will Inspire You to Chase Your Dreams

Thursday, October 15, 2020 3:00 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2020 / Wife, mother, entrepreneur, beauty influencer, and blogger - these are just some of the roles the multi-talented businesswoman, Nikita Gibson wears as she strives to provide anyone who steps into the doors of her two businesses, Manè Diva and Joire's Spa with the tools to feel beautiful both inside and out. Get to know Nikita Gibson as she changes the beauty industry by advocating the importance of self-love, self-appreciation and self-care.

Who is Nikita Gibson?

Brooklyn native, Nikita Gibson, founded her business when she was 25 years old with the goal of providing a one-of-a kind luxury experience.

She uses her Bachelor's degree in Social Health awarded from SUNY Old Westbury, and her years of experience to encourage people to strive for inner peace and to embrace her beauty. She founded her first business Joire's Spa & Studio in 2014, named after her late mother Marjorie who lost her battle to breast cancer. Using her dedication and passion for promoting love for oneself and others, Nikita expanded her business. In 2018, she broadened her scope and expanded her brand to two separate locations.

Nikita strongly believes in the concept that everyone, whether they're a student, homemaker, or an entrepreneur, should have a chance to find their inner peace and celebrate themselves everyday. She believes that by learning to love yourself first, you can learn to love others.

After all, you can't give what you don't have.

Behind Joire's Spa & Studio

According to Nikita, everyone has a hobby and hers just happens to be going to spas.

The relaxation and happiness she experiences after indulging in a spa session gave birth to the idea of starting Joire's. This was further emphasized by her strong need to share her experience with the members of her community. She wanted to make luxury treatments and services more accessible to both men and women in her community, people whose unique beauty has remained uncelebrated and overlooked throughout history.

It was imperative to her to provide equipment, products, and services that cater specifically to African American skincare needs and overall health.

Why Beauty Services?

Initially, Nikita wanted to provide women with a place they could call their own, allowing them to enhance their beauty with the help of her talented team. Through her experience in the beauty industry and educational background, she began to hear a deeper calling.

Realizing how many people felt unsure about themselves and harbored beauty related insecurities, she changed her goal to help both women and men feel better about themselves-a holistic approach. To do this, she encouraged her clients to indulge in self-care that addresses their needs both internally and externally.

Overcoming Challenges

Success did not come without its fair share of challenges for Mrs. Gibson. The biggest challenge she faced was overcoming her own insecurities and uncertainties - specifically, her fears about failing and reconciling that this was not an option for her nor her community.

Mainly, these fears stem from the pressure of running a business that's more than just a business - it's a form of advocacy that has helped not only her but many others to realize the importance of accepting who they are and allowing themselves to feel beautiful about who they are.

Joire's has become more than just a place of relaxation and luxury, it has become a self-care haven, allowing her clientele to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they are.

Behind Her Success

Despite the challenges, she found success in her endeavors. She attributes her success to several things, first, she believes that she found success because of her willingness to strive for what she wants and her belief that with God and a pure heart, nothing is impossible.

Secondly, she attributes her success to her family, particularly her husband, whose unwavering support and belief in her allowed her to explore her own potential and her business's potential. She also believes that she could not have made it without her team at Joire's whose dedication to their cause rivals her own.

Their passion and dedication allowed her, as well as them, to provide excellent services to their clientele and overcome the various challenges presented to them - including the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The Future of Joire's and Nikita

Nikita has many plans in store for her businesses, one of which is her own skincare line, "Joire's Skin," will offer natural based skin care products at affordable prices. Using organically grown, herbal ingredients, one of her most recent products, cleansing tea "Claritea," embodies her mission of providing accessible beauty that rejuvenates, both inside and out.

She has also authored "Self Care: A Guide to Holistic Healing: Internal & External", which informs readers on self-care best practices and herbal remedies.

Nikita Gibson's dedication and passion for her cause, along with the support and dedication of her family and team at Joire's, allows her to face and rise above the challenges of running a business that also serves as her advocacy.

Make sure to check her adventures out on Instagram, @mrsnikitagibson and @joiresspa and to purchase Nikita's self care guide, and keep updated with the newest and latest with Joire's at their official website.

Written by Megan Linden
Edited by Nikita Gibson
Interviewed by Bianca Senat


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Nikita Gibson
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