Cliff Beckmann Explains How the 1Solution Product Prevents and Controls Hydrophobic Soil Conditions
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Cliff Beckmann Explains How the 1Solution Product Prevents and Controls Hydrophobic Soil Conditions

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 3:30 PM
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Cliff Beckmann of Surfactant Solutions LLC explains how the 1Solution product prevents and controls hydrophobic soil conditions.

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2020 / Surfactant Solutions is transforming the golf industry with its 1Solution product. Many golfers have never heard of 1Solution, but it affects the way they play the game on a daily basis. This unique wetting agent is designed to help golf course superintendents control hydrophobic soil conditions and maintain optimal soil-water management. Cliff Beckman of Surfactant Solutions LLC, recently explained how and why the product does its job so well.

"The unique chemistry behind the 1Solution product is owned by us," Cliff Beckmann said. "It is being trademarked and is designed to do the job of controlling soil conditions better than any other product on the market."

Cliff Beckmann of Surfactant Solutions LLC explained that 1Solution is the leading product on the market because it has been proven to create the results the golf maintenance industry wants to see. On top of that it is sold at a cost point that allows the customer to utilize it on more of their golf course t

The industry is the best judge of how a product works, and those in charge of golf course maintenance are able to see the results visibly and agronomically. Cliff Beckmann explained that renowned golf courses, like Desert Mountain GC, Pelican Hill GC, and Shadow Creek GC have experienced the most even moisture control on their golf courses that they have ever seen.

Cliff Beckmann described that the 1Solution product by Surfactant Solutions LLC works by attaching itself to the soil and organic particles in the profile. It attracts a thin film of water close to the surface of the particle, allowing moisture to be held for plant use. The product also facilitates water release, providing effective control of moisture evenly throughout the soil profile.

"This chemistry and product, allows for a healthier and more uniform soil profile that in turn provides for a healthier plant," Cliff Beckmann said. "The result is a surface that's superior for playing golf and remains controlled throughout periods of the year that see less rainfall or water supply."

Cliff Beckmann added that golf course superintendents are raving about the Surfactant Solutions LLC 1Solution product because it has improved the player experience while conserving water and improving the course's bottom line. Even more, this product is eco-friendly, allowing a course's water supply to be used drastically longer than it has in the past.

Cliff Beckmann's contributions to the golf industry have not gone unnoticed. The Class A Superintendent by the GCSAA, entrepreneur and businessman, has been named to the list of Top 30 Under 30 Golf Superintendents by Golfweek and received the 2009 Portland Business Journal 40 Under 40 award. Cambridge Who's Who recognized him as a lifetime member in their 2008-2009 edition for executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The 1Solution product is just one of many course-changing developments the golf industry can expect to see from Surfactant Solutions LLC and Cliff Beckmann.

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