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How Pascal Bachmann Is Teaching Entrepreneurs The Key To Success – Health, Success & Wealth

Tuesday, 13 October 2020 03:15 PM


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2020 / Life & business strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author,Pascal Bachmann, lived a very different reality years ago. As an ex pro-athlete, he lived out his passion as a professional Thai boxer in Thailand until a major accident, which forced him to rethink his life and find a new vision. As he did so, he began studying Eastern therapies specializing in Chinese Medicine, which later led him to become a Health Coach. Bachmann has had hands-on experience in the business world. He used to be an advisor for small businesses and achieved high results through his advisory role with larger companies.

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However, soon after achieving success, he experienced a $15 million bankruptcy, forcing him to file for personal bankruptcy. That led to the loss of all his real estate properties, as well as his retirement savings. Despite this drawback, Bachmann pushed through and built himself up again from scratch. Unlike many other life coaches, Bachmann's own life experiences and lessons make him a genuine and unique Health Coach.

"One of the things that makes me unique is that I'm not a theoretical person. Everything I teach I've experienced firsthand. I've been at the top, then fell to the bottom and had to learn to pick myself up and rebuild many times in my career and my personal life," Bachmann states.

Bachmann uses the hard-learned lessons from his own obstacles to teach and coach others. As such, his businesses focus on empowering, educating, and equipping high achievers and entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to gain clarity in their goals and achieve healthy lasting success. In the past, Bachmann was always the type of person people looked to for advice. He was able to impact many business owners positively. Now, he has been able to do this at a larger scale and is not only a successful businessman but is pursuing his passion. He does so by not only focusing on financial success but also by prioritizing health and wealth in the life of his clients, as well as his own. In fact, Bachmann always reminds business owners out there to "Make sure you reach your goals healthy. Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy them!"

Pascal Bachmann shares: "I'm a believer in: First you do it and prove yourself that what you do works. After that, teach and share your knowledge with others. Then be thankful, serve, and give back."

While many people out there have great and big ambitions for their future, most don't have a clear goal in mind. Even fewer know what their purpose in life is. That's where Bachmann comes in - he helps entrepreneurs go beyond just an idea, a vision, or a discovered passion to build a business. He guides them through the requirements for building a successful business, such as the necessary capital, knowing the value they provide in their business, who the audience/clients will be, and figuring out marketing strategies that work for them.

"I see the need for personal development. There are so many things going on globally. A large portion of our society proves that they cannot handle the challenges. They need coaches. Leaders who empower and educate them on how to master whatever it is. I learned early that if you want your business to grow, you as a person need to grow," Bachmann states.

Despite the many challenges he faced, Bachmann has been able to use these to his advantage and positively impact others' lives. Now, he has achieved financial success and freedom and a greater quality of life, making him feel thankful and fulfilled by the life he has built. Currently, Bachmann is expanding his online presence to provide others with value in the areas of health, success, and wealth and how to achieve them all. With his focus on productivity, goal-setting, creating a healthy life and business, Pascal plans to coach 1000 high achieving individuals throughout the upcoming year and guide them to their first 7 figure business. To aspiring entrepreneurs, Pascal advises:

"Know that you need to be hungry and find satisfaction and fulfillment. Hungry to learn, hungry to serve, hungry to give, hungry to grow. You also need patience and give it time. Start with your goal in mind and then break it down. Know that you probably will start with small steps. And more importantly, know that every small step is an achievement that counts, and that is needed to reach the next milestone and finally your vision."

To learn more about Pascal Bachmann and his coaching business, make sure to check out hiswebsite or follow him on Instagramhere.


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