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Top Advantages of Insuring Multiple Cars Under the Same Company

Sunday, 11 October 2020 11:10 AM

Internet Marketing Company

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 11, 2020 / ( has launched a new blog post that explains how insuring multiple cars by the same company will help drivers save car insurance money.

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2 or more cars belonging to the same household is something quite common across the United States. Families with multiple cars should opt to insure all of them under the same contract. This provides the following benefits:

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  • Fewer documents and bills to deal with. All vehicles are insured on the same policy and this will save time by meeting with just one insurer, completing one policy. It is recommended to contact the insurer and be advised regarding an appropriate level of liability coverage. Companies recommend having a contract that totally covers the value of the most expensive car mentioned in the contract.
  • Cheaper premiums and access to deductibles. When compare with premiums for each individual policy, a multi-car policy, that premium can be significantly lower. Also, almost all car insurers require to pay deductibles when filing a claim. With only one policy, all claims will have the same deductibles. Depending on the insurer, in the event of filing a claim for two vehicles at once, it is possible to pay only one deductible.
  • Reduced risk of lapses. In the case of a multi-car policy, the policyholder will have to make one monthly payment at the same place. He doesn't have to remember all the places where to pay the policies and the due dates for each one as if he had insured the cars individually
  • Lower rates for high-risk drivers. High-risk drivers, like teens, or DUI drivers have to pay high insurance rates. By adding a high-risk driver on a multi-car policy, the insurance rates will increase, but the overall policy increase would be significantly lower than having the high-risk driver insured on a separate policy. Just make sure the high-risk driver is not listed as the main insured party.

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"Insuring multiple cars under a single contract will help drivers save money," said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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