Tamarra Turner Allen, Markus and Alexander Turner: The Entrepreneurs Behind The Life-Changing Investment Strategy Coaching Business
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Tamarra Turner Allen, Markus and Alexander Turner: The Entrepreneurs Behind The Life-Changing Investment Strategy Coaching Business

Friday, October 9, 2020 4:00 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / OCTOBER 9, 2020 / As the global economy moves towards digital currency, top trading expert Tamarra Turner-Allen and her two sons, Alexander and Markus Turner, are ahead of the game with their ZTraderz Trading boot camp. They specifically focus on trading the foreign exchange market (Forex), cryptocurrency, and indices, and will show you how to do it the right way.

Invret Strategist aims to help people trade and diversify their money. The Turner-Allens aspire to use their platforms to support people in making additional income streams or even replacing it. "When it comes to why we're trading Forex, the answer lies in the recession-proof," Markus explained. The Forex market is recession-proof due to the wide variety of currency pairing options for traders. "On top of that, the Forex market makes 6.6. trillion dollars per day industry while the stock market makes 1 billion," Markus added.

According to Tamarra, trading was not an easy idea to introduce to her family. Before trading and Invret Strategist, Markus and Allen were struggling to survive college and their day jobs. With a salary of only fifteen hundred dollars per month as servers at a restaurant, they both had to go through a rough trail towards their career shift. "Something at work irritated me to the point that trading was the only option," Markus explained, "I got into trouble at work simply for wanting a promotion, and that fact smacked me right in the face," Alexander explained his first trading convention as an eye-opening experience. "It was very interesting to learn that the people around me my age were making a hundreds even thousands of dollars an hour," he stated, "I remember waking up one morning after deciding to trade and learned that I've made 150 dollars overnight," Alexander explained, "That same day, I didn't go to work so I could learn more on how to duplicate what I had just done."

Through their trading platform, the Turner-Allens wouldn't only guide you through the basics of trading, but they'd also educate you on how to manage the foremost important thing in trading - risk management and mindset. The Turner-Allens and their trading platform have your back in guiding you to knowing which specific style of trading best suits you. "Of course, with every trading, there are risks," Alexander claimed, "You have to be able to manage what you lose. If you're a smart trader, you will not lose any more than you're comfortable with. The key is to stay consistent, patient, and educated on which strategy works for you."

What is incredibly unique about Invret Strategist is the family environment it offers. "We want everyone to win," Tamarra stated. The fact that Tamarra, Alexander, and Markus came from different generations pushed them to be even more creative with their business as they design camps for different age groups. Tamarra and Markus created an academy called the ZTraderz, where she focuses her trading towards helping moms and dads learn e-commerce; Markus focuses his trading towards his music and coaching business dedicated to helping younger people learn about trading; Alexander focuses his trading towards sportscasting. Tamarra believes that trading is a way for every family to make money no matter the economy's condition. "With the stock market, you'll go down when the market goes down, but with the Forex market, you'll still make money even when the market is bad."

The cherry on top for the Turner-Allens when it comes to trading is the result it entails -- freedom. "Most people are stuck in the idea of the ‘American dream' where the end goal is to get a job," Markus explained, "I can tell you now that the American dream is different. While there's nothing wrong with having a job, there's an alternative to it where you don't have to climb the ladder to get the status and results you want. You can learn Forex to solve your financial problems." Alexander added, "Success is different for everyone. I define success as having that sense of freedom to feel comfortable in what I do." Freedom to trade-up anything anywhere, anytime, is the freedom that the Turner-Allens possess from being traders. "I remember standing in line for an hour and a half to buy a vegan burger with only cash in my pockets, only to learn that they didn't even accept cash by the end of the line," Tamarra explained, "I traded-up my food while standing in line and deposit it to my checking account and guess what? I still got my vegan burger. That's freedom."

To learn more about Forex Trading, the Turner-Allens, Invret Strategist services, as well as their ZTraderz boot camp programs, click the links below!


Written By: Alya Putri

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