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Master Artist Michelle Larsen Deftly Combines Nature and Movement to Create Captivating Works of Art

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 3:35 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2020 / Nature is a wellspring of inspiration; the mountains and trees abound with such beauty that only a painting could ever put on full display, as words wouldn't ever do it any justice. Michelle Larsen is an artist that can fully channel all of that beauty with her mixed media artwork. The sheer dynamism of her works often evoke a sense of movement that traditional media could never capture, and that's what makes her art feel so special.

Michelle Larsen Fine Art, Wednesday, October 7, 2020, Press release picture

Above: Artwork "Beautiful" by artist Michelle Larsen who was awarded ARTYA (Artivist of the Year) by Arttour International Magazine in September 2020.

Michelle Larsen graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. She graduated in 1980 and specialized in outdoor advertising, lettering, and sign painting. As one of the greatest artists in Denver, Colorado, she went and painted billboards and signs in the area, earning her renowned acclaim.

In 2009, Michelle Larsen began her fine arts career, and in 2011 she began sculpting canvases with paper to create a three-dimensional painting. Her experimentation with mixed media sparked the inner creativity within her, which allowed her to develop the style further and further, pushing it to its boundaries. Eventually, she honed her skills and developed the technique, which is exclusively her own.

In 2019, she moved to Prescott, Arizona, and established her own art gallery called The Parlor Art Gallery, LLC. She exclusively displays her work at her own gallery to the sheer delight of her audiences. Nowadays, she has become a celebrated mixed media artist that uses paper to create a sculpted canvas. She utilizes oil paint with bold colors, which she applies to the sculpture creating a three-dimensional painting that protrudes from the surface.

Michelle Larsen's art style is heavily inspired by the land dwellers who have experienced the human struggle. She also heavily draws her inspiration from the Western lifestyle, mountain life, and nature itself. Most of her artworks capture the essence of passing time, which evokes a calming yet powerful emotion from her audience.

Michelle Larsen looks at the obvious, observes it closely, engages with the subject, then amplifies it with three-dimensional textures and bold colors. She pushes the boundaries of art and innovates how the audiences experience art in its entirety. She baffles her audiences into thinking about whether her artworks are sculptures or paintings, but she expresses that her works are definitely a mix of both.

The vibrancy and movement of each of Michelle Larsen's pieces add a layer of depth to her artistic expression. The three-dimensional nature of her artwork adds a sense of life as it vibrates as if having a pulse. She pours out all the energies that pulsate within herself in her artwork. It is clear to see that Larsen is extremely passionate about all of her works. She sees beyond this dimension and is naturally drawn to an animated representation of her subjects.

Michelle Larsen follows the breath and fortitude of what moves her, and she hopes that her audience can follow along. Larsen continues to break the norms in the art scene, and such is a fine testament of her sheer artistry. As her distinct style lines the walls of her own gallery, audiences are equally captivated by the movement of her artworks and the natural world around them.

Most recently, Michelle Larsen was awarded the ARTYA Award by ArtTour International Magazine.

To know more about Michelle Larsen and her fascinating art, make sure to check out her website.

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SOURCE: Michelle Larsen Fine Art

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