JP Moridi Shares His Journey to Becoming a Top Realtor in California
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JP Moridi Shares His Journey to Becoming a Top Realtor in California

Monday, October 5, 2020 2:10 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2020 / While there is nothing wrong with pursuing success, people often forget themselves in the process. And as a result, they end up losing something more valuable than fame and money. Making it clear that success should not be obtained at a cost, JP Moridi creates a brand that centers on his passion for building communities and strengthening ties in the real estate industry through Moridi Enterprises.

Admittedly, the real estate business is popularly known for its ruthless and cutthroat environment. While some indulge in the industry's competitive atmosphere and transform it as a source of motivation, others use it as an excuse to become unrelenting in their pursuits of success. As a consequence, some perceive that the real estate industry only cares about making money. Determined to revolutionize this unforgiving circumstance, JP Moridi shapes himself and Moridi Enterprises as beacons of hope for those who are truly dedicated to achieving success without the need to pull others down.

Born and raised in one of the wealthiest regions around the world, JP Moridi has been exposed to people who have lived with great eminence and countless fortunes ever since he was born. While some of them reach the summits of success with a good heart and noble purpose, others go out on a limb to attain victory at the price of losing some important parts of one's life. And as this continues to plague most go-getters, JP Moridi took it upon himself to build a reputation that genuinely cares for people while striving to achieve success.

Intending to strike a balance between achieving his goals and acting on his noble purpose, JP Moridi has proven that achieving success can co-exist with maintaining good relationships with others. And as JP lives by his principles of staying positive, helping others, and living true to his standards, he continues to rise above the rest for his strong values and affable personality.

Alongside his inherent disposition as a success factor is a force greater than his principled stance - his father, Al Moridi. Time and again, JP Moridi would owe much of his successes to his first role model, who has dedicated his life pursuing real estate while maintaining a sterling image in the field. JP would often see his father work tirelessly as a trustworthy Realtor to his clients. With Al Moridi as one of the most trusted and successful Realtors in California, JP seeks to follow his father's path.

Today, as a licensed Realtor specializing in residential properties in the Bay Area of Northern California, JP has gained recognition for his perseverance and unmatched dedication to his clients. With the remarkable service he provides, he works extensively with celebrities, professional athletes, and other clients who take an interest in Silicon Valley.

With everything that he has achieved, the Moridi team has sold over 1,400 homes, was awarded with an Chairman's Circle Award for achieving sales in the national top 1 percentile, recognized as one of the top agents in California by Wall Street Journal and Real Trends, and was interviewed by Forbes for the prestigious ‘Under 30' summit. Proving to reign supreme in the field of real estate, JP is an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council's top one percent worldwide. All while holding a great relationship with the community and his clients.

With his philosophy as a guiding principle towards his goals, JP can genuinely attest that success in real estate does not have to involve becoming ruthless. And as he continues to shine in the industry, he hopes to inspire others to follow suit.

To know more about JP Moridi, you may visit his website and Instagram.

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