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Alec Trachtenberg: Winning in Film with a Sales Mindset

Sunday, 04 October 2020 11:25 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2020 / Independent film producer, seasoned sales consultant, and book author, Alec Trachtenberg reveals best sales practices in his new book, Lights, Camera, Sell: Sales Techniques for Independent Filmmakers, to help independent filmmakers like him thrive during the pandemic. He reveals successful sales strategies of different startup companies that will help filmmakers succeed despite the current obstacles the world is facing.

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Lights, Camera, Sell gives readers an overview and an in-depth understanding of the sales process and articulates it in a way that any independent filmmaker or creative-minded individual can understand. As a filmmaker himself, Alec has seen the ups and downs in the entertainment industry, but his rich experience in sales has allowed him to reinvent his approach to selling himself and his projects. He simply shows readers through his book how important it is to maintain a sales mindset throughout the filmmaking process.

"With this international pandemic that's been affecting the entire world, unemployment rates rising on a daily basis, and the film community's inability to work on new productions, there is no better time than now to understand the importance of salesmanship and adopt a business development mindset, no matter what industry you work in. As an independent filmmaker, I set out to write a book that would empower other filmmakers on the best practices of promoting themselves and their projects. I took the experience I've acquired over the years working in sales roles at various startup technology companies and wrote a book that easily connects these," Alec explains.

Coast ART Productions, Sunday, October 4, 2020, Press release picture

In the coming years, Alec Trachtenberg sees himself producing more independent films under his production company. In addition, he also wants to continue his consultancy work to help entrepreneurs and independent filmmakers alike generate an overwhelming amount of revenue from their ventures. He is also opening himself up to opportunities to speak to different audiences and teach on sales strategies that can boost their businesses. With the success of Lights, Camera, Sell, he is looking forward to writing more books that will empower entrepreneurs and filmmakers to realize their full potential.

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