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Lighting the Way: Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute on Bringing Hope and Fostering Excellence

Thursday, 01 October 2020 11:35 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 1, 2020 / Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the entire world to its core, drastic changes have been ceaselessly introduced into the lives of many. Aside from severe economic problems, the global crisis also poses emotional and mental turmoil. And taking heed of such challenges, Dr. Mario Garcia, together with the rest of the team from Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute, steps forward with the mission to uplift and restore dampened spirits.

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These days, no one appears to be immune from struggling against all the pandemic-induced stress and blues. For this reason, Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute opens its doors and lends a helping hand to those in dire need of hope and strength. And as one of the foremost advocates of empowerment, the institute has become a haven for the lost and distraught.

Geared towards aspiring and existing coaches, Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute (NCSI) has gained recognition for offering top-notch professional International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coach Specific Training. In its practice, it found that Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis are tools that can assist a client with sustainable and lasting changes. As a result, the institute produces desirable results.

Since taking the helm of Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute last September of 2000, Dr. Mario Garcia has been using his years' worth of expertise to guide people in their respective journeys. Having been a coach and educator since 1992, the notable founder has made it his lifelong goal to be a healing force that transforms lives.

In 2015, he was joined by his son, Mario A. Garcia-also an ABNLP board-certified figure-as a co-trainer. And together, the father and son have led Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute to where it is today.

This year, NCSI is celebrating its 20th anniversary of empowering leaders, coaches, trainers, and business owners with the ability to grow personally and professionally. With its banner, Legacy Leadership® programs, the institute has shifted and strengthened organizational cultures through coaching and behavioral experiences.

Based on Dr. Mario's three decades of coaching, leadership, and business consulting know-how, NSCI teaches an arsenal of lessons-Five Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® Holder of Vision and Values™, Creator of Collaboration and Innovation™, Influencer of Inspiration andLeadership™, Advocator of Differences and Community™, and Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability.

Its training programs are all uniquely built with a coaching-behavioral approach that uses evidence-based criteria to cater to its clients' needs. In addition, its services are designed and executed utilizing an Accelerated Learning Experience (ALE) approach, where the learners engage and commit to Total Participation and Involvement (TPI).

In a time that is blanketed with fear and uncertainty, it is a relief to see entities like Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute taking great strides to make the tough times more bearable. And proving that it has its community's best interests at heart, the institute continually strives to provide services that guarantee excellence and compassion.

With everything that it stands for, the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is deemed worthy of its sterling reputation. On top of its commendable efforts to make the world a better place, the institute also blows everyone away with its pure intentions. And sparking a movement that fosters unity and support, it creates a new direction that propels towards a brighter tomorrow.

To learn more about Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute, you may visit its website.

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SOURCE: Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute

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