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How Tony M Fountain Built a Six Figure Business From the Ground Up

Friday, 02 October 2020 05:30 PM

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2020 / Many entrepreneurs have used the internet and modern technology to manifest their ideas on the go. The days of pressing the snooze button on an alarm clock and dreading the morning commute to a commercial office are a thing of the past. Now business owners can manage their businesses remotely. It has recently been ever more so increasingly discovered in our current economy and cut costs for many entrepreneurs. They are opening vast opportunities that were not available to prior generations.

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As the founder of Never Off Work Entertainment, LLC, Tony M Fountain is arguably one of Hip-hop's hardest-working entrepreneurs. He's been able to work a day job as a truck driver while raising his son and daughter as a single parent and simultaneously building his company over the past few years. The internet and modern technology are what has allowed him to build a successful business. He's made a list of clients ranging from business owners, diplomats, indie rappers, and even former artists of famous mainstream musicians like DJ Khaled. They depend on him for their social media and PR needs. Tony's company empowers entrepreneurs and their brands by sharing their stories across various publications.

The odds were stacked against him when Tony set out to start his company. He was a struggling single parent with no prior knowledge of how or where to start or even what things he needed to learn. Tony says," it takes hard work and failing forward to be successful. And, of course, press in mainstream media and utilizing social media properly defiantly helps." Tony has used his digital magazine Now Entertainment to drive traffic to Now Entertainment News, his company's news site, and his personal website that offers his social media and marketing services. Tony has an audience of recording artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners between the ages of 16-45, responsible for about 35 percent of his clientele.

Below are the three steps Tony used to go from broke and failing with hopes of scaling to doing what he loves for a living and grinning.

Step # 1

The first thing Tony had to do was to create evergreen content for his digital magazine Now Entertainment. Doing this was part of his search engine optimization efforts to naturally build his website's domain authority and overall online presence. He branched out and posted content on mainstream publications such as Thrive Global, Medium, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine. With his and his company's name tied to other high profile online outlets, he now had the credibility necessary to capture the eyes of entrepreneurial prospects searching for the types of services he offered. In turn, this allowed him to further grow his own company by releasing such items as their mobile app. Guest posts and press releases created more backlinks to his website, which increased the SEO quality. Tools on the internet such as Grammarly, Wix, Yoast, WordPress, and others make blogging an easier task for any level blogger.

Step # 2

He then used the skyscraper blogging model to research successful content within his niche and regurgitate the information delivering it with further clarity and in a more engaging manner. Utilizing this method allowed him to outrank his competitors in search results. One key point to remember here is that it is ok to refer to others' "ideas" for inspiration but never plagiarize.

Step # 3

After you've created quality in-demand content, the final step is networking with other bloggers, marketers, and business people in your niche. Utilizing tools like RocketReach to find and connect with key individuals in your field. With established connections, rather than solely focusing on content creation and link building, you become the go-to person others depend on for consult. And your site becomes their go-to source of information. By displaying or linking to the services you provide within the informative text, your business inquiries will also begin to scale from the traffic generated by your content listing among the top websites in search results for your keywords. These are some of the key steps he took to transform his company from a startup to a lucrative and scaling organization. Perhaps your business can use some of these measures the same way too.


Have questions? Connect with Tony on Twitter @tonymfountain, Facebook or email [email protected]

SOURCE: Now Entertainment

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