Meet Shane Santacroce, The Entrepreneur, Mentor, And Motivational Speaker That’s Changing The Game
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Meet Shane Santacroce, The Entrepreneur, Mentor, And Motivational Speaker That’s Changing The Game

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 1:35 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / Shane Santacroce is a top-level mentor and business coach that works with entrepreneurs and individuals to help them build strategies for sustainability and growth. He is a serial entrepreneur that focuses on digital marketing, content creation, self-branding, personal and professional mentorship, and talent management. Shane is also a leader in the Drug Addiction treatment industry, providing assistance to those struggling with a roadmap to their recovery by helping them find the proper treatment facility.

Shane has been a consultant for dozens of multi-million dollar companies in many different industries, including national trucking company, is currently an executive for multiple entities, and manages models and talent, helping them build their social media platforms.

"There are 8 specific pillars I follow that I account to my success. Through my "Make it Happen" system, individuals can install these 8 pillars in their own daily life to change their mindset, create attainable goals, generate healthy habits, and manifest a new successful lifestyle," Shane explains.

Growing up with a single mother, 2 siblings, and a father suffering with addiction, Shane found himself in a position to take financial responsibility. Watching his mother struggle was his initial motivating factor that set him on a path of success. Ask anyone that knows him, and they will tell you, no matter what it takes, Shane will "Make it Happen."

Shane was kicked out of school at the age of 16, but he already had a fully operational business and sales job. Although he reinforces the importance of school, he knew school just wasn't for him. After a few legal battles and having a child at the age of 18, he knew success was not an option, it was going to be his new way of life. He faced his legal issues head-on and learned from every experience it presented.

After a successful run as a corporate trainer in the restaurant industry, he moved to the financial world working in the real estate and mortgage industry. Recruiting, training, and managing hundreds of sales professionals by the age of 25, he then turned to consumer protection.

Shane has spent the last 15 years helping others find their success by mentoring and consulting for business in multiple industries. Specializing in digital marketing, social media content, self-branding, and addiction treatment marketing. Shane has built an extremely impressive network of professionals helping him pave a successful path in any industry he looks to tackle.

Of the utmost importance, Shane believes that building this network of similarly minded professionals is one of the biggest challenges when starting a business.

"When starting out, I encourage others to find like-minded individuals with similar work ethic, drive, and true passion. Investing in others has become a passion of mine, not just financially but with my time. There are many stories to tell when I wanted their success more than they did. That just doesn't work. I don't invest in businesses, I invest in people, so when I find someone worth it, I can build a business around them," Shane says.

Along with building a support network, Shane advises new entrepreneurs to stop waiting for perfection and to jump in headfirst to their venture, ignoring any nagging feeling that may be holding them back.

"I tell others to stop waiting for the perfect time to start! This is probably the biggest mistake people make in business. Start immediately and get your fears out of the way. In order to succeed, you need to learn, some of us learn the hard way and others not so hard, but ultimately, you have to take step 1 to get to step 10. Start talking to people that can help you grow, present your ideas to potential clients, investors, or buyers. Don't stop until you have succeeded in the task at hand," Shane outlines.

With this in mind, Shane believes that anyone following his advice will have the tools they need to reach their goals of financial freedom. To Shane, this goes far beyond just a financial benefit.

"I believe financial freedom is not a dollar amount but a mindset and confidence that you have in yourself. Knowing that you can create revenue in any business and in any industry is true freedom. It opens your mind to new risks that others are afraid to take because they don't have the confidence to replace losses if it comes to them," Shane says.

Check out all Shane has to offer on his website or follow him on Instagram.


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