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Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen: Finding Solutions Amidst a Pandemic

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 10:45 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen are entrepreneurs who set out to find solutions in the midst of chaos occurring worldwide. With issues arising with the spark of COVID-19, Athena and Lisa were inspired to create a business during one of the most life-changing pandemics the world has seen. Procurement PPE was born where they sought to tackle the responsibility to provide a solution that makes an impact through offering a database that is easily and freely accessible. Being self-taught business women immersing themselves within the male-dominated industry, they have cultivated a path to success to find solutions for the needs of others.

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Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen thoroughly believe the current climate of the pandemic is ridden with terrible tragedies that do not need to be occurring. Through their vast experience and knowledge within digital marketing and hospitality, they formed their business partnership to solve the various issues that have arisen in the industry at present.

An immense amount of greed and deception remained prevalent in their industry with hospitals and government agencies being prevented from purchasing and obtaining PPE. These destructive issues further drove them to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor. "We have the vision that every single civilian, front line worker, essential worker, and anyone who wants it can receive the protection they seek and need." With price gouging and fraud occurring, they constructed their business to implement organization and transparent systems for their clients' comfort.

Procurement PPE was created with the mission to provide an all-in-one solution for both PPE buyers and sellers providing a digital database that is free and easy to access, while also offering exclusive concierge matchmaking services. This company specializes in procuring what is readily available as well as premier production availability from manufacturers worldwide. "We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by not seeing them as our competition." Athena and Lisa believe people fail to realize their main mission is to ensure people are protected. During times of hardship, the two entrepreneurs truly believe it is imperative that everyone comes together to make an impact for change.

When Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen began their business venture in forming Procurement PPE, they expressed that one of their most difficult obstacles to overcome was gaining the trust of new connections and remaining resilient through times of difficulty. In their industry, there is a plethora of opportunities that it is imperative to explore all possibilities to acknowledge which are truly legitimate. Through encountering countless points of fraud, Athena and Lisa recognize that it may be easy to grow discouraged but the two remembered the importance in embodying their mission and values for their business. They quickly developed a deep understanding of their industry that enabled them to obtain their vastly reputable network that they plan to keep expanding on.

When asked their meaning of success, Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen recognized, "We think success holds many different facets at different stages. While there are small and large successes, there are also everyday successes that occur on the job. Overall, success is the freedom to enjoy the world while taking care of others." When starting a business, the two entrepreneurs expressed the importance of mindset where it is what pushes progression. Determination, confidence, and consistency are key when starting out within a business endeavor. Athena and Lisa invested their time, patience, and intelligence to pave the way for a better future for themselves and Procurement PPE. Without maintaining a persistent mindset, Procurement PPE would not have developed into the success it is today.

In terms of future plans, Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen hold even more potential in providing the world with further solutions to the issues at present. With their diligence and passion for their jobs, they plan on fully building out and developing a custom marketplace tool for procuring PPE. Their next goal would be to launch their own non-profit and donate volumes of PPE to those in need. Further down the road, they hope to create a podcast shining light on their industry and what has transpired since COVID-19. To follow Athena Kavis and Lisa Nguyen's business and future plans, click here.


Kiley Almy
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SOURCE: Procurement PPE

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