Milk Tyson on the War Against Childhood Cancer and Bringing Flame Flowers With ‘Fighting All Monsters’
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Milk Tyson on the War Against Childhood Cancer and Bringing Flame Flowers With ‘Fighting All Monsters’

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 5:00 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / In at least one point in our lives, the thought about how different things would be if we were suddenly given just a few months or weeks to live has crossed our minds. The thing is, cancer changes people, crushes dreams, and takes away faith. And true enough, there is nothing like a terminal illness to wake everyone up.

Inasmuch as cancer can easily bring someone into a state of bleakness, advocacy-driven organizations, like Fighting All Monsters (FAM), take it upon themselves to bring back hope and make a difference. And as they endeavor to become vanguards of the battle against cancer, these warriors of courage and strength strive to spread happiness and joy.

The moment a child gets diagnosed with cancer, his or her life will never be the same again. The same goes for the child's parents and other loved ones. And to show these people that they are not alone in their fight, FAM takes bold strides in creating better outcomes and saving lives.

FAM is a non-profit organization built around the pillars of love and support for brave kids with cancer. Quickly growing into a family of devoted individuals, FAM is now in its second year of operations in bringing quality aid to households with children facing life-threatening challenges.

Sleeping along the streets of Boston and throwing himself into gangs, Hollywood insider and founder of FAM, Milk Tyson, was sure that he knew what it was like to be miserable and unfortunate. However, his life turned upside-down when he met a young cancer warrior who prompted him to create FAM and begin emulating the inspiring grit, perseverance, and valor of children who are terminally ill.

With his influence and the spectacular elements of pop culture, Milk is confident that FAM can attract donors and sponsors who are willing to support its cause. And blazing the trail as he creates embers of positive changes, Milk puts the underserved community of pediatric cancer under his loving wings.

Since its inauguration, FAM has raised and donated over a million dollars. From setting up scholarship programs, fulfilling bucket lists, and furnishing homes with necessities, the non-profit organization has been going around nonstop in ensuring that cancer patients and their families are given no less than the best. And today, FAM has been providing emergency COVID relief to those in need.

FAM's heart and core lie within its meaningful projects that provide support and assistance to the psychological and emotional welfare of children with cancer. The non-profit organization strongly believes that just because their bodies are taken down by a terminal disease does not mean that their spirits have to be in a melancholic state.

By creating a community filled with loving and hopeful individuals, FAM builds an atmosphere where kids with cancer can hear other people's experiences and turn to them as sources of reassurance and inspiration.

Moreover, through sharing personal cancer stories that highlight and confirm the struggles of childhood cancer, FAM lets people know that their struggles are not theirs to carry alone.

To know more about Fighting All Monsters and Milk Tyson, you may visit their website.

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