Stealth Fintech Company Making “Paying Obsolete” in the B2B World with New System Where Companies Simply Trade
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Stealth Fintech Company Making “Paying Obsolete” in the B2B World with New System Where Companies Simply Trade

Sunday, September 20, 2020 11:30 PM
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Turbulent economic times have businesses scrambling for ways to cut costs, get lean, and improve their balance sheets but they are scared to “take risks”. With Trade Nicely, they get the transformation they need without the usual risks and financial commitments.

BOISE, ID / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2020 / Imagine the business world where trading - instead of paying for services - is the new normal. 

This is the audacious reality being pioneered by Trade Nicely, an Idaho-based Fintech company who are sending shockwaves through the Finance world.

“People, generally speaking, are scrambling to shore up their companies but don’t know where to turn” says Jeffery Hartman, Co-Founder of Trade Nicely, “they know they need to get bad debt off their books, raise capital, stop paying stupidly high-interest rates, and have a steady stream of clients coming in… but no one can do all of this effectively - especially without having to pay anything!”

Indeed, the idea of “bartering services” is nothing new, but enabling companies to simply trade their long forgotten accounts receivables, outstanding balances, and other depreciating assets for something of true value, is revolutionary.

Taking it even a step further, the company offers to pay in “any fiat currency and new clients or a combination of both” according to their website.

In other words, companies trade away their non-performing assets and in return get paid exactly the way they want.

Accountants, in particular, are excited about this new novel approach of value exchange. With the stroke of a pen (which in today’s world is an e-signature), they are able to take old, charged off debt from the books, gain significant tax advantages and now, trade this for cash or new clients, without taking the risk of making any financial investment whatsoever.

CFOs are adopting this new way of operating because it’s finally the win/win they have always wanted, but have struggled to find.

“After speaking with countless executives, we realized that what they want is to simply turn something that is holding them back into something that will accelerate them into a strong financial position, right away,” says Jason James, Co-Founder of Trade Nicely, “they’ve been apprehensive about taking on risks yet know they need to take action. We’ve removed every barrier for them to move forward with confidence.”

In true tech fashion, Trade Nicely’s process is what you’d expect: dead simple.

Companies fill out a short form on their website, sign a Non-Disclosure agreement automatically, submit their numbers, and receive an offer within 48 hours.

If they accept, Trade Nicely does all the work upfront, and starts issuing payments within 2-3 weeks.

“One of the big problems we solve is people are scared that their debt falls into the hands of those notoriously shady collections agencies,” says Mr. Hartman, “I get it. So we guarantee that their accounts are handled by a premier, reputable agency and manage their portfolio ongoing in case of any hiccups along the way, of course for no additional fee!”

To accelerate its mission, Trade Nicely’s recently launched its Partner program which helps service-providers “delete price objections.” 

“The biggest pain we’re seeing for service-providers is that they’re struggling to close deals because their prospects don’t want to pay for their services citing budget constraints,” says Mr. James, “so we solve this by actually paying the service provider directly as part of the deal. Part of the money earned from collections, we pay directly to cover the service and the rest goes to the company. Everyone gets what they want and no one goes out of pocket. We just Trade Nicely.”

With trillions of dollars in debt floating in the global economy, Trade Nicely’s model allows it to turn this sea of bad debt into real, tangible value and help companies cut back and move forward simultaneously, without taking on any significant risk.

Only time will tell if this disruptive new B2B service will gain a mainstream foothold, and it’s not without controversy: the collections world is fraught with legal, moral and regulatory challenges.

But with a strong leadership team, an on-trend mission, and a radically simple no-brainer value proposition, Trade Nicely is one of the shining stars in the Fintech world to keep a close eye on.

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Name: Jeffery Hartman
Company: Trade Nicely
Address: 2976 E State St #1019 Eagle, ID 83616
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Trade Nicely

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