Social Enterprise on a Mission to Forgive 50 Billion Dollars of Debt as Second Wave Hits
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Social Enterprise on a Mission to Forgive 50 Billion Dollars of Debt as Second Wave Hits

Sunday, September 20, 2020 10:15 PM
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An Idaho-based company is giving people a shocking, unexpected surprise: waking up 100% debt-free. Their unusual new Debt Relief Program gives companies ‘ridiculously good' incentives to ‘do the right thing' and instantly allow people to wake up without ever having to repay their debt.

BOISE, ID / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2020 / It may be one of the few bright spots in an otherwise catastrophic year: a way for everyday people to wake up debt-free, without even having to lift a finger.

The social enterprise is called Trade Nicely, the brainchild of Jeffery Hartman, a financial strategist who realized there had to be a better way to help people during, perhaps, one of the most tumultuous stretches of their lives.

It's a simple concept that's taking off. Trade Nicely acquires debt portfolios, picks a group of people, and forgives their debt. People get a phone call, and when they hit the criteria for the Debt Relief Program, they are instantly forgiven of their debts, in full, no strings attached.

Hartman had his lightbulb moment when a colleague commended him for forgiving the debts of disabled veterans, something he has been doing quietly for many years.

"It hit me one day, this feeling of transforming lives by freeing people from the shackles of their debt… I can help anyone do it too," says Hartman. "If you're a bank or lender, we'll do a trade for services you want, and if you're a company, charity or individual who wants to chip in, you can make a donation and we'll take care of everything."

It's a shockingly simple solution to a global crisis that is spiraling out of control. With the average American household carrying $137,063 of debt according to, it's a more silent epidemic that has taken a backseat to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Trade Nicely has taken a usual, tech-driven approach that may be the catalyst needed to make a serious dent in the 13+ trillion of consumer debt currently owed by Americans.

The secret sauce is that all the hard work happens on the backend with literally no action required by people, other than a signature. They've eliminated the need for people to pay fees, fill out forms, apply, educate themselves, or take any actions whatsoever.

The company takes matters into their own hands by ‘trading' directly with the banks, lenders, and other institutions who own these debt portfolios who receive an ‘offer they can't refuse' which typically includes positive PR, exclusive access to Financial Partners, and client acquisition services.

A few harsh realizations helped Hartman build out a model that actually works: people generally want credit for doing ‘good deeds'; they need peace of mind and reassurance that their data is safe and will be handled securely; and the process has to be easy, simple, fast and free.

"It was a tough pill to swallow, understanding how human nature really works," says Hartman, "but when you hear these people crying on the phone, tears of joy, it moves you inside like nothing' else. I just want other people to be able to feel this and for those who truly need help to get it, without having to jump through hoops."

Trade Nicely has received some criticism for ‘working with the bad guys' by helping them bolster their balance sheets, give them positive PR and ultimately strengthen their positions by giving them a dead simple way to turn their delinquent accounts into something of real value.

Hartman shrugs it off, pointing out that sometimes you have to push the boundaries to enact change, and that the alternative to Trade Nicely is sitting back, accepting defeat, and continuing to allow people to suffer with their debts.

It's an interesting social dilemma but one thing is clear: people need help more than ever.

With the Presidential election nearing, unemployment at record highs, the Global Pandemic worsening as the Second Wave hits, and debts continuing to balloon out of control, something has to change.

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Contact Details

Name: Jeffery Hartman
Company: Trade Nicely
Address: 2976 E State St #1019 Eagle, ID 83616
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Trade Nicely

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