Dawnmarie Healthy And Fit LLC Creates Holistic Programs for Wellness
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Dawnmarie Healthy And Fit LLC Creates Holistic Programs for Wellness

Saturday, September 19, 2020 7:40 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / For decades, Dawnmarie Deshaies lived with and suffered from multiple sclerosis. The autoimmune disease, a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord, impacted her life in numerous ways. However, she was able to use her health battles and emotional struggles as fuel to ignite the creation of her global wellness brand, Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit, LLC.

To help her along her path to healing, Dawnmarie learned as much as she could about multiple sclerosis. She figured that knowledge and information would enable her to assist herself and others. Her experiences also tutored her about self-care and finding well-being. This instructive process sparked the idea that inspired Dawnmarie to share with others what she was learning and going through. Her realizations on health, self-care, mindfulness, restoration, and positivity served as the foundation for Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit.

Primary among these realizations is the understanding that each person should be their own advocate in life. Because of her experience with a destructive and disabling disease, Dawnmarie became acquainted with and learned to accept the reality that there are many life factors over which people have no control. But every person can take control over how they respond to these situations and captain their health journey.

Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit LLC is built on the principle that healing brings about more healing. By helping others through the healing process, Dawnmarie fosters her own healing. This approach results in a continual cycle of people paying it forward. Through the years, Dawnmarie has gathered wellness allies and leading experts. Together, they have created a multidimensional program that provides solutions for well-being, mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and many more health aspects.

Dawnmarie Deshaies admits that there is much work left to do. She recognizes a need for energetic and driven work in the communities that support multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disease fighters. She promotes motivational coaching, an active lifestyle, personalized fitness, positive thinking, and healthy eating choices as pathways to wellness. Dawnmarie continues to build her organization and lengthen her reach by using podcasts, visual learning and coaching, and authored books. This wide range of resources is sure to help her clients realize their potential.

Today, Dawnmarie leads each day with a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward life. She hopes to be an example to the people she coaches through Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit. She espouses the practice of engaging with the self from the moment a person wakes up. The wellness coach is also actively building genuine relationships with people around the globe. She hopes to connect with other people living with multiple sclerosis or any other autoimmune disease.

Coming from a place of empathy, she reaches out to hundreds of people using social media.

Her Podcast- (Live With Dawnmarie ) Available on Spotify and Apple, and her Instagram feed @dawnmariehealthyandfit

Every day, she sends like-minded individuals going through similar experiences with a personal letter explaining who she is and Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit's mission. These gestures of love and support help her build, in her own way, a stronger community.

Please visit Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit's website and Instagram account to learn more about their multi-dimensional program for wellness.

Company: Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (424) 279-3149
Website: dawnmariehealthyandfit.org

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Dawnmarie Healthy and Fit
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