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Beta Bowl Students Continue to Innovate and Impress, from AI-Powered B2B Software to Closing the Literacy Gap

Saturday, 19 September 2020 07:45 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / Krish Chaudhary is a current Beta Bowl student and high school senior who sought out Beta Bowl as an opportunity to combine his computer science expertise and his interest in business in order to help out schools, hospitals, and brick-and-mortar businesses throughout the pandemic.

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Krish wasn't thinking about revenue when he created his social distancing and contact-tracing software, which uses facial recognition technology to observe and monitor people in enclosed spaces and ensure social distancing is being practiced. Krish's love for technology, coding prowess, and interest in contributing to the world in a meaningful way is what led him to build this product. However, he aims to ultimately get it into the hands of the people and companies who could make the best use of it, which is why he sought out the Beta Bowl entrepreneurship program to turn his innovative and impressive tech product into a robust B2B business. If you can imagine how accurate facial recognition technology can be applied throughout hospitals, classrooms, and grocery stores, that can give you a small glimpse of the huge potential this application has to keep our world functioning and thriving even amidst this strange time.

Krish isn't the only student making a big difference in people's lives during this disruptive period. Alana Weisberg, a 10th grader who completed the Beta Bowl 6-Week Entrepreneurship program this past summer, has since spun her newfound business expertise into a nonprofit, Bookworm Global, which aims to narrow the education and literacy gap among students of varying socio-economic statuses. In just the past three months, she's already donated over 5000 books to 9 literacy-focused organizations and trained over 150 volunteers and counting.

Beta Bowl has seen an explosion in student business ideas and creativity, from Clare M.K. turning slime into five revenue streams to Zach L., making masks and mask decorating a fun activity for immunocompromised children with his B2B and B2C business. For students who are seeking a productive, impactful, and creative outlet, entrepreneurship just might be the thing for them to try, and Beta Bowl is a great place to start their journey. Beta Bowl graduates have gone on to build multiple businesses, earn over $40k in business and pitch competitions, secure investor funding, and go on to impressive universities and selective business and entrepreneurship programs.

So, what is Beta Bowl? Rachel Greenberg, the program's founder and a former investment banker-turned-entrepreneur and startup consultant refers to Beta Bowl as an educational business incubator that takes teens from ideation through beta launch. When first coming up with the concept for Beta Bowl, Rachel wanted to fill the requests she received from countless parents and youth, as well as to make entrepreneurship accessible and attainable for motivated teens. The program was initially born out of a 40-student focus group, with motivated, entrepreneurial teens from all over the country, and has since grown into a hub of innovation, with hundreds of teens from all over the country, as well as a portion of international students from all over the world, engaging in the virtual business-building enrichment program all year round. Just this past summer, Beta Bowl saw over 350 students complete entrepreneurial immersions in June and July.

The biggest misconception about the program is that students need an entrepreneurial, financial, or business background in order to participate or excel. Rachel says this is not at all the case, and Beta Bowl's hundreds of student testimonials and successful outcomes are clear tangible proof. Beta Bowl is the one end-to-end program for aspiring youth to go from idea to reality and amass a business-building toolkit to facilitate their entrepreneurial pursuits for the foreseeable future. However, Beta Bowl isn't only for entrepreneurial teens; it's for anyone interested in dipping their toes in the waters of entrepreneurship. This is the perfect testing ground for students to gain exposure to building a business and determine if entrepreneurship might be the right path for them. Not to mention, Beta Bowl is also an impressive extracurricular program that students can tout on their resumes and on college applications, as well as in job and internship interviews. Rachel asserts that this is just the beginning for Beta Bowl, and the company looks forward to equipping countless more youth for success in entrepreneurship, as well as expanding their offerings and emerging as the primary facilitator of the next generation of young change-makers and future entrepreneurs.

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