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Dr. Sung Yang Explores Hiking Trails in Hawaii to Boost Cardio Health

Friday, September 18, 2020 11:20 AM

Dr. Sung Yang Explains How Hiking Trails Across the State Can Improve One's Health

HONOLULU, HI / ACCESSWIRE / September 18, 2020 / Many patients turn to their doctors for lifestyle advice. They don't want medication to improve their health. They simply want to know what they can do to help their health without medications. Dr. Sung Yang, a medical doctor in Honolulu, Hawaii, talks about the many benefits of hiking.

Dr. Sung Yang, who has offices in Honolulu and Waipahu, spends a significant amount of his off-time exploring the many walking and hiking trails throughout Hawaii. He loves the beaches and the mountains. He also believes that spending time on the trails is a great way to become one with the aloha spirit found across the state.

Dr. Sung Yang recommends hiking as an activity for many of his patients. Every hiking trail is identified as mild, moderate, or extreme. For those who are in shape, they can handle the trails that have more changes to the altitude. However, Dr. Sung Yang will recommend some of the milder trails to patients who are obese or who have mobility issues.

The benefits of hiking can be numerous. Dr. Yang Waikiki has written many blogs about the top Hawaiian hiking trails for this reason. Hiking can improve blood pressure and lower one's risk of heart disease. Also, it can burn a lot of calories and help one to lose weight. Walking is considered a weight-bearing exercise, so it can improve bone density, too.

Dr. Yang Waikiki has said that hiking is not only for cardio health. It is capable of strengthening the core muscles of the spine, hips, thighs, and legs. When going on some of the more extreme hikes, it can build the strength of these muscle groups, too.

With so many different hiking trails to choose from, Dr. Sung Yang says that it's easy for people to find one that suits their level of fitness. The Waimea Valley Trail and the Manoa Falls Trail are some that Dr. Sung Yang recommends to those who want an easier hike. For those who want something more advanced, he recommends the Koko Crater Trail. The climb is steep and includes a number of steps on an abandoned railroad.

Dr. Yang Waikiki reports that his personal favorite is Kealia Trail, one of the oceanfront scenic trails on the north shore of Oahu. According to Dr. Yang, the trail is the ultimate combination of cardio work-out, breathtaking ocean views from the mountains, and serene path with colorful foliage, which not only stimulates the physical body but also calms the mind and spirit.

Everyone should look to improve their cardio health. as well as their mental well-being. Even when a person has controlled blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Dr. Yang Waikiki explains that there's room for improvement. Hiking once or twice a week can be a great exercise. The doctor recommends that hydration and proper walking shoes are critical.

Although Dr. Yang Waikiki has decided to make his home in Hawaii, he does travel elsewhere around the country periodically, exploring hiking trails where he goes. He recommends that anyone who wants to improve their heart health take up hiking. By researching the hiking trails in advance, people can prepare for what they will encounter. Finding a hiking buddy can also help people to stay motivated, especially on the longer and more advanced trails.


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