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How Kristina Centnere Is Dominating The Digital Marketing Industry Through Discipline And Neuroscience

Thursday, September 17, 2020 5:05 PM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / Kristina Centnere, a Russian immigrant from Latvia, landed in New York City with big dreams. She initially had her heart set on being an anesthesiologist, however, having to support herself from early on, marketing found her and quickly became a big part of her life. Her innate relentless nature and work ethic led her to start her digital and neuromarketing agency at the early age of 19.

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Over the last decade, Kristina has been helping businesses nationwide by using neuroscience as a key factor in her client's marketing strategy. Her business, SocialCow, implements neuroscience to more accurately engage clients' ideal customers and serves different types of businesses in the medical, aesthetic, and franchisee sectors.

"SocialCow is one of the few agencies using software-based neuromarketing to help clients nationwide develop and implement integrated marketing campaigns that attract their ideal clients."

Kristina goes the extra mile by not only providing unique and individualized strategies for each of her clients but also providing them with personalized feedback. If that's not enough to impress you - Kristina also serves as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer to several national companies and has individually coached select business owners and C-level executives with her 12-week mindset program. Her students don't just reach their 6-month goals, but they have been able to reach them in as little as 4 weeks! In both her business and coaching, she stands out for being solution-focused and always taking into consideration the big picture.

"I'm excited for the opportunity this provides us to implement neuromarketing on a larger scale, helping companies optimize their advertising methods and expenses by understanding their ideal customers on a neural level."

So, what's her key to success? Kristina is a highly motivated and disciplined entrepreneur. She consistently feeds her mind with healthy, growth-promoting thoughts and pays attention to the people she allows into her circle. Kristina has made it a priority to not just remain focused, but also be hyper-aware of who and what she allows into her life. However, the life of an entrepreneur is not always perfect, which is beautifully put by Kristina herself: "It's ok not to be ok. When you're starting a business - whether it's your first or your seventh - you are on a never-ending journey of self-discovery." For Kristina, it's all about being committed to your goal and not being afraid to reinvent yourself.

"If you stay the course, adjust the sails when needed, and have a clear vision, you will win. It will not be overnight, but it will come."

To learn more about Kristina, follow her on Instagram here.

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