Building Queendoms and Empires with the Confidence Queen Lauren Marsicano, Esq.
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Building Queendoms and Empires with the Confidence Queen Lauren Marsicano, Esq.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 6:50 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2020 / More women nowadays are making their marks in various industries. Among those who are strategically building their Queendoms is the business lawyer and entrepreneur, Lauren Marsicano, Esq. Aside from belonging to a prestigious law firm, Lauren is known for establishing companies and a nonprofit that empower women from all walks of life.

Lauren is the founding partner of the boutique law firm Marsicano + Leyva PLLC based in Miami. During her law practice, she has worked with global Fortune 100 companies such as Bank of America, and Lauren has been named as a 2019 and 2020 "Florida Super Lawyer, Rising Star."

She has also been recognized as part of the "Top 40 Under 40 Lawyers in the Nation" by the American Bar Association. Because of her expertise, Lauren has been featured on several prominent media outlets like ABC, NBC, Fox, and New York Weekly. Lauren earned her law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. She has also studied under some of the most prominent legal minds from Oxford University.

On top of her law practice, Lauren is also the founder of theNetworking Maverick Community. The company strives to help clients build significant relationships and further turn their network into their net-worth. Lauren educates entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide on how to make authentic connections that can last a lifetime rather than superficial connections that fizzle out. With her impressive background in business and law, Lauren is leading her clients to build their successful Queendoms.

Networking Maverick LLC paved the way for Lauren to create an online program called "7 Steps to Startup Success." It specifically caters to small business owners who require comprehensive courses on basic legal education and strategies to protect their businesses and further grow them into six-figure startups. Through her businesses, Lauren has also collaborated with major corporations like Amazon, Ann Taylor, and Nestle.

Recently, Lauren founded the nonprofit Women for Success. This nonprofit organization provides grants, mentorship, and education for women who want to forge their own paths while having the support of a welcoming community. Her mission with Women for Success Inc. is to allow women of all backgrounds to define success on their own terms. "I am on a mission to help 100,000 women launch six-figure businesses by 2025," Lauren said.

This year, Women for Success is launching its fall fundraiser event called Queens Cup 2020. The fundraiser is different from other events held in the same manner as it aims to educate its participants with practical professional and entrepreneurial needs while engaging in fun activities. Each week, teams of 5 will compete head-to-head in virtual challenges. Winners will be crowned as Queens Cup Champions and take home the first Golden Queen Coffee Cup.

The fundraiser event is launched to raise funding for Women for Success' 2021 programs. Such programs include startup pitch competitions, free educational programming, and grants for women-owned small businesses. During the event, participants can also build their network and obtain connections with like-minded women in the community while pursuing a good cause.

In all of her pursuits, Lauren is focused on her central mission to empower and uplift women worldwide. Asked why, she said, "Although strides have been made, we still need continuous improvement in the realm of women mentorship and women supporting women." Lauren herself experienced bullying growing up. Her family was continually moving because Lauren's father ran world-class hotels and resorts, so she was always the ‘new girl' in her class. Her peers would criticize the way she looked, and their judgments left a lasting effect. On the bright side, because of the nature of her father's profession, Lauren got to learn business at an early age and develop strategies to make friends despite her own fears and insecurities, which she now passes on to others.

It took a while before Lauren bounced back and gained the voice and confidence she has today. She had to overcome many hurdles, especially the doubts that formed within herself, and many people today struggle with the same self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Nevertheless, Lauren came out stronger despite the struggles and the criticisms, and she wants to spread her mother's message of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and help women professionals and entrepreneurs everywhere build and protect their Queendoms. For that reason, Lauren wants other women to overcome their own fears so that they too can be Confidence Queens.

Learn more about Lauren Marsicano and Networking Maverick on Instagram.

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