How This Inspiring Entrepreneur Overcame Major Obstacles To Create A Pathway To Success
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How This Inspiring Entrepreneur Overcame Major Obstacles To Create A Pathway To Success

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 5:00 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 15, 2020 / As an entrepreneur and motivator, Todd "TJ" Johnson emphasizes how he developed his passion for success from bullies and skeptics. Growing up in the small town of Cayce, SC, Johnson faced adversity at a young age.

"I rode the short bus and had a really bad speech impediment, I stuttered," said Johnson.

These major obstacles not only festered doubts of his intelligence but also transmitted into anger because he was teased by classmates for his quirky trait. However, his classmates weren't the only ones who challenged him. Teachers would often overlook Johnson's potential and not provide any attention to him, but when it came time to take a test, he would ace it.

"Racism was always an obstacle growing up in South Carolina"

Johnson used these moments in his life to recognize how to exceed expectations. One factor that catapulted his entrepreneurial success was his determination to prove others wrong for doubting his value.

He recalls one pertinent conversation with potential employers at a dinner meeting where they asked how much he would take to be an employee and give up his dream of building a business. Johnson wrote his desired salary of 1 million dollars on a napkin and slid it to them.

"They looked at each other and laughed. I was not laughing," said Johnson. "It was then that I decided they would be my competition, and I'd prove them wrong."

This conversation sparked a rage of passion in Johnson that urged him to compete and beat this company for laughing at his value. Years later, with experience and hard work, his persistence paid off, and he surpassed this company.

"A lot of the things that drove me was fueled by anger. That may not be the most positive message, but that's how I internalized some of the obstacles I was facing and challenges I saw of how people perceived me, and people that looked like me."

But, even after becoming the mogul that he is today, Johnson never forgets his journey and hopes that sharing his experiences will better serve others as they strive for a fruitful lifestyle.

"I want to help people unlock their potential. I want to help more people package their life experience, education, and passion to make money and create financial freedom."

The objective of his platform is to enable people to achieve their own vision and discover that this can be accomplished even with limited resources. The type of focus that Johnson encourages is one that eliminates distractions and doubt so that obstacles aren't a major factor.

Today, Todd Johnson has made the most of every opportunity. He is a renowned speaker, business coach, and influential African American entrepreneur who has managed to showcase a message of hard work, business ownership, and perseverance.

Johnson's brand has created a substantial following on social media, creating content that is based on motivating the masses, and encouraging entrepreneurial pursuits. He helps his students solve customer problems that focus on providing excellent value and service as a means to build a solid business that has longevity.

To learn more about Todd Johnson's journey and upcoming engagements, you can view more on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook at @tjmillionairementor.

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