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Top 20 Mortgage Professionals In 2020 - NWM

Friday, September 11, 2020 3:00 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2020 / With a new decade in full effect, it's safe to say that every industry in both the private and public sectors have had to make drastic changes in order to stay on top of an indecisive market place and global GDP.

One industry that has seen a lot of success due to the recent global pandemic and recession that followed in America is the Mortgage Industry. Due to record low interest rates, families in various markets have taken action and began refinancing and buying new homes on the market.

To follow into this, Next Wave Marketing has established a list of the Top 20 Mortgage Professionals across the country. By reading, you will learn what changes they have made to adapt and what their individual insights are on the future of the industry both personally and across the board.

#1 Mike Ciorrocco

Mike "C-Roc" Ciorocco is a manager of a division of Nations Lending which is a group that consists of 40 people and invests time and money into their employees to provide the best possible service to their customers. The team at Nations Lending makes loans to people, not credit histories. They make decisions based on individualis, not just their credit scores. Mike Ciorocco believes that determining your needs, budget and qualifications should be a conversation not an interrogation. Success in business to Mike Ciorocco means leading his team of 40 people, and helping each individual strive for their potential and hit their personal, professional, and financial goals, while serving their customers needs. However, every entrepreneur faces obstacles and hardships along the path to success. One of the biggest obstacles Mike C-Rock has faced in business thus far has been finding people that think the same way he does. Mike's mission is to help people find the greatness inside of themselves and put them on track to reach their full potential in business. Mike Ciorocco evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as one that the industry has not seen before. Historically low rates are creating a refinance and purchase boom together. This will in turn allow for more people to enter into home ownership and allow more people to buy second homes. As for what is next for Mike Ciorocco and his business, he is currently working with real estate agents to help them reach their full potential and accomplish their goals. This will in turn hopefully create reciprocity and explode his business further. One of Mike's longer term goals is to get known on a global level which will also create an attraction model for Nations Lending to recruit talent, customers, and referral partners. At Nations Lending, culture is the most important thing to them and they believe their customers is what makes them great as a company. To learn more about Mike Ciorrocco, click here.

#2 Darrian Dallas

Darrian Dallas is a top producing Loan Officer at Valley View Home Loans, a direct lender in Las Vegas, Nevada. Darrian and her team are licensed in 28 states to assist borrowers in ways traditional banks cannot. She diligently caters to every borrower's unique needs, whether its helping them fix their credit or obtaining the lowest possible closing costs. Unlike other lenders, Valley View Home Loans (VVHL), provides more flexibility with their loan products. VVHL offers programs such as stated income for entrepreneurs and business owners. It also has loan originators, a disclosure team, processors, and underwriters available in-house. This allows Darrian and her assistant, Amani Chaar, to prioritize their clients and keep them informed throughout every stage of their loan. After finding details other lenders overlook, Darrian frequently rescues troubled loans and makes them work. As a result, real estate agents quickly made her their primary referral. Building on her foundation from personal investing experience, this mom to two long hair chihuahuas and a corgi has a passion for this industry. In the future, her main goal is to become a Director of Valley View Home Loans. To learn more about Darrian Dallas and Valley View Home Loans, click here.

#3 Alec Hanson

Alec Hanson is a SVP of Retail Production at loanDepot, the nation's second largest nonbank lender and fifth largest retail mortgage lender. As a lifelong veteran of the Mortgage Industry, Alec has taken up many roles within the mortgage sector. From an internship spent shipping loans files to his first full time role as a receptionist for a mortgage company in a small strip mall. Hanson was ranked as a Top 1% originator every year he personally produced loans before taking on a leadership role and learning how to grow dynamic teams. Founded in 2010 by mortgage industry innovator Anthony Hsieh, loanDepot is focused on creating a straightforward, simple mortgage experience that leaves the customer delighted. In their first decade, they became the nation's second largest nonbank lender and fifth largest retail mortgage lender, funding more than $248 billion since inception. Today, loanDepot's nationwide team of 8,000+ members helps more than 25,000 customers each month. Leveraging an extraordinary salesforce alongside industry leading proprietary technology, loanDepot provides its clients in search of home financing an exceptional experience. Alec's leadership within the retail channel continues to push the industry forward, advancing sales strategies and tactics to help local mortgage professionals build outstanding influence in their digital and local communities. With the mortgage industry at an incredible tipping point and on the verge of a huge evolution, technological leaps are happening during the year of 2020. These changes are affecting the way loans are processed and underwritten and will radically transform the entire industry. As for what's next forAlec Hanson and loanDepot, they are looking for new ways to leverage their core technologies, continuing to advance their tactics and strategies, meeting new customers digitally, and expanding their sales team. To keep up with Alec Hanson and loanDepot, clickhere.

#4 Sylvia M. Gutierrez

Sylvia M. Gutierrez is the author of Mortgage Mattersand a National Account Executive for a major wholesale mortgage lender. Success in mortgage origination to Sylvia Gutierrez means empowering borrowers with the necessary tools to reach the American dream of sustainable homeownership. Many people didn't grow up in a household where their family owned a home and missed out on the learning experiences of managing homeownership. The book Mortgage Matters delivers to the consumer a roadmap to homeownership through successfully managing personal finances and demystifying the loan approval maze. It's the first book that takes a deep dive into explaining what lenders look for when considering a borrower's ability to repay their loan, and identifies the measures each lender uses to ascertain that risk. Because each lender selects different guidelines, Sylvia has chosen to partner with the mortgage broker community which can deliver various lending options based on the borrowers unique needs. As an Account Executive, Sylvia Gutierrez supports mortgage brokers across the country in structuring and funding mortgage transactions. Sylvia evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 and sees its future as a sellers market with property inventory being low. One of the biggest obstacles Sylvia has faced in business thus far has been adapting to market volatility as investor appetite for specific loan scenarios shifts based upon economic trends. As for what is next for Sylvia Gutierrez as a mortgage professional she is continuously searching for opportunities to reach the underserved and educate on the financial properties of homeownership. To learn more about Sylvia M. Gutierrez, click here.

#5 Reynaldo Reyes

Reynaldo Reyes is the Senior Loan Officer at Sharp Loan, Inc. Sharp Loan, Inc. offers financing solutions for people looking to refinance or purchase a house. With more than 15-years of experience in the lending industry, ranked Top-10 in the state of California, and Top-100 in the country, Reynaldo is committed to ensuring your loan is approved, no matter the situation. Sharp Loan, Inc. is a wholesale correspondent broker approved with the nation's top lenders. They have access to all their daily rate sheets and offers. This allows them to do the shopping for the client all at once. Instead of a client having to call multiple lenders and run their credit multiple times, Sharp Loan, Inc. is equipped to shorten the process for both the customer and employees. Reynaldo Reyes assures that his customers are getting the best rate and cost for their loans. Success in Reynaldo's business is having satisfied clients who will continue to use and refer his company to their friends and family. Furthermore, making the process as simple as possible for his clients and his staff is essential to measuring all around gratitude with the services his company provides. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharp Loan, Inc. has come out with phenomenal success. 2020 has been an incredible year for the mortgage industry. They have seen the lowest interest rates in history, causing mortgage applications to increase tremendously. Contrary to that, it has gotten harder to qualify for loans, especially for self employed borrowers who don't have a business account, or whose business has suffered due to COVID-19. Reynaldo believes that Sharp Loan, Inc. will continue to thrive, however, guidelines will tighten up and lenders will be more conservative when making lending decisions. Overall the future of Sharp Loan, Inc. is looking bright, and Reynaldo and his team are excited to see where the world takes them. Going forward, Reynaldo's next step is to continue to invest in technology that makes the process as seamlessly as possible. With everyone carrying full plates, he wants to make sure that applying for a mortgage loan doesn't interrupt his client's day. He also wants to invest in technology that helps his realtor partners grow their businesses as well. Reynaldo believes that a strong buyers market is around the corner, and he and his team are more than prepared for it.

To learn more about Reynaldo Reyes and Sharp Loan, Inc. click here.

#6 Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier is a national speaker, award winning marketer, podcast host, and disruptive strategist in the mortgage industry. Recently Frazier joined EPM (Equity Prime Mortgage) as their Chief Strategy Officer, with one goal in mind: to execute on EPA's mission to be a resource, and voice, for financial empowerment.EPM is a mortgage lender that offers top financial services, communication and assistance to the communities they serve. He has built a personal thought leadership brand from nothing and realized the challenges the mortgage industry faced early on. When first starting out, it did not take long for him to realize that most of the mortgage lenders were not focused on creating any real change and championed the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" attitude.Jason feels that the "status quo" mentality has and will continue to be a detriment to the relevance of the industry with the modern consumer. With high aspirations and success in mind, Jason, who is known for taking risks and being different, was excited to contribute to a culture at EPM that stood out from other mortgage lenders and that was focused on not being another commodity in the industry. Frazier believes the opportunity to join a forward thinking lender that is all-in on building a different and modern mortgage operation is an absolute blessing. EPM's drive to be the best, think out of the box, and to let their leaders lead are the building blocks on which a modern lending experience can be built. Frazier's message is that you can no longer drag your feet when it comes to modernization and that lenders who deploy EQ will lead the way in this decade. EPM is proud to be changing the game in mortgage lending with their stated focus on Empowering People More. To learn more about Jason Frazier and EPM, clickhere.

#7 Beau Cox

Robert P. (Beau) Cox, Jr. is a Producing Branch Manager at Nations Lending Corporation. Beau along with his three partners who happen to be his childhood friends, have worked together for over 15 years in the mortgage industry. They currently have 44 employees working within 6 branches along the East Coast.

Since 2007, Beau has specialized in residential mortgage lending, including second homes and investment properties. He routinely assists his clients with analyzing their current mortgage programs and searching for competitive solutions for new-home purchases or refinancing needs.

Beau and his team have the ability to close loans quickly with in-house processing and underwriting teams, making home loans simple and easy for customers. With a close relationship to Lindenberg Financial, Beau and his team have the tools necessary to complete any job to exceed their customer's expectations.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendously negative effect on many businesses. The mortgage industry, however, has seen an extreme surge in home loans due to the record low interest rates, allowing people to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on home loans and helping more people have the ability to purchase homes. With so much on their plates, Beau and his team are working diligently to maintain their idea of success throughout their clientele. In their eyes, success comes from happy customers. They believe that this allows a strong referral base to be had and serviced for years to come.

With several police officers in his immediate family, in addition to numerous friends, Beau takes pride in assisting law enforcement officers and military personnel with home ownership and teaches mortgage-related finance classes for State and County Police. His goal every year is to help over 100 Police Officers. Being a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, he works hard to make the sometimes-stressful mortgage process go as smoothly as possible following his mantra: "From application to closing; I'm with you every step of the way" - a strong commitment that he brings to every mortgage application that he receives.

Going forward, Beau has great plans for Nations Lending Corporation. His next step is focusing on his team that has the capability to produce more than $100 million in loans volume per month, which he is well on the way to accomplishing. To learn more about Beau Cox and Nations Lending Corporation, click here.

#8 Darius Sepehripour

Darius Sepehripour is the CEO and Co-Founder of KIND Home Loans, a home loan provider that helps you save money and maximize opportunities when it comes to building your estate portfolio. Darius received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and as well as his Masters Degree at Harvard University, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship Essentials. With industry low interest rates, the lowest down payment options, and little to no fees, his clients save more money working with KIND compared to many of the big banks. Darius has over 17 years of experience, and his team has helped thousands of people save money when it comes to financing their home or investment properties. Darius has come across one main challenge throughout his career in the loan business. There are many lenders who do not have enough experience, and over provide unrealistic expectations to consumers. In an era of easy access to information, it is important to do due diligence on the market and the lender you are working with, in order to make sure you are protected throughout your transaction, and properly guided when picking the right home loan. With an unstoppable team, Darius and KIND Home Loans have worked relentlessly to avoid such challenges that may hinder the success of the business, and overall satisfaction of the customer. Currently, he and his team are working out of California, and were awarded the Fastest Growing Mortgage Provider in 2019. In months and years coming, they are looking to expand nationally to create a bigger impact on the United States. To learn more about Darius Sepehripour and KIND Home Loans, click here.

#9 Alisha Cooper

Alisha Cooper is the founder of Ms Cooper Home Loans which is a mortgage business that assists with low cost home purchase, mortgage refinancing and fast closings. Alisha Cooper is not your usual standard, stuffy, impersonal loan officer. She is an advocate for each of her clients and strives to keep each one well-informed throughout the process. Alisha Cooper leverages technology for a better client experience. Alisha is a mom and wife so by nature, she is nurturing to her clients and adds a personal touch. Alisha's business motto quote is "You are more than a business transaction and my goal is to become your mortgage lender for life!" Success in business to Alisha Cooper means creating more successful loan officers in the marketplace that look like her. Alisha evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as leaning away from the cookie-cutter way of automated approvals which will lead to the increased need for loan officers who enjoy finding out of the box strategies for getting a mortgage approval. Alisha describes one of the biggest obstacles she has faced in business thus far as serving so many clients at once. As for what is next for Ms Cooper Home Loans as a business, they are working towards providing additional wealth preservation resources such as insurance coming Winter 2020. To follow along with Alisha Cooper's journey and her business, click here.

#10 Michelle Dugan

Michelle Dugan is the owner of MS Lending, LLC, a mortgage broker committed to finding the best mortgage to fit the personal needs and meet the financial needs of their customers. MS Lending, LLC is not a typical mortgage lender, as they work with many different mortgage lenders along the way. Their customers are not held captive to one particular lender. MS Lending, LLC finds the best mortgage to fit their clients needs. They strive to create lifelong relationships with their borrowers so that they are able to advise them not only now, but for years to come. With such unprecedented times, 2020 has proven to be a truly different year for Michelle and MS Lending, LLC. Michelle's focus in 2020 has really been on diving into her local community and serving people in the best way possible. She has forged incredible relationships across the country with other mortgage lenders, which has helped grow her network of colleagues. Being able to share with others what has been successful for Michelle and MS Lending, LLC so that they can use the same tools and ideas in their business has been one of the highlights of her year. With consumer demand at enormous highs in 2020, everyone involved in the mortgage lending process has been overworked and stretched to their limits. Finding a balance among such a hectic time has proven to be a struggle for Michelle, but with an unstoppable team backing her, she has come out with great success. Moving forward, Michelle has great plans for the future of MS Lending, LLC. She is in the process of opening her second branch on the coast of Mississippi so that she and her team can serve a greater area. Personally, she is always refining her process to make it a better customer experience and a smoother process for her team. To learn more about Michelle Dugan and MS Lending, LLC, click here.

#11 Andres J. Munar

Andres J. Munar is the founder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage which is a mortgage business that provides customers and referral partners with a variety of financing options from traditional to non traditional mortgages. The team at Keystone Alliance Mortgage believes that providing service to their clients, referral partners, team and community is the key to success. They strive to provide an atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth in an environment that is all inclusive. Keystone Alliance Mortgage offers FHA, USDA, and VA loans to qualifying borrowers. Their government loan solutions require little or no down payments, allow for lower credit score and debt to income ratios, and have great rates. Success in business to Andres J. Munar means putting the clients needs first while ensuring that their team has success in business, life, and the community. Andres Munar evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as the opportunity to pivot, change, and put yourself in a position to grow in the future. One of the biggest challenges Andres Munar has faced in business thus far has been learning to adapt to the ever-changing market. As for what is next for Keystone Alliance Mortgage, they just opened their commercial division and started a podcast called the CoLab. To follow along with Andres Munar and his business, click here.

Andres J. Munar is the co-founder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage which is a successful mortgage brokerage that helps families build wealth and make lasting memories through the American Dream of homeownership. Andres sees the mortgage as a powerful financial tool to set his clients up for not only financial success but also happiness in life. The team at Keystone Alliance Mortgage believes that providing unmatched service and a fun experience to their clients, referral partners, team and community is their secret to their fast growth. They have created a safe and inclusive atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth along with a commitment to excellence. Success in business to Andres J. Munar means putting the client's needs first while ensuring that their team has success in business, life, and the community. Andres Munar evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as the opportunity to lead positive change and to position his company to grow. One of the biggest challenges Andres Munar has faced in business thus far has been old limiting beliefs that held him back for so many years. With his renewed mindset, he is inspiring people from all walks of life that a dream life is only a few decisions away. As for what is next for Keystone Alliance Mortgage, they just opened their commercial division and started a podcast called the CoLab that helps entrepreneurs and solopreneurs collaborate for success. To follow along with Andres Munar and his business, click here.

#12 Marisol Espinoza

Marisol Espinoza is a Mortgage Loan Officer who has over 4 years experience in the Mortgage Industry. She is located in the Heart of California which is the Central Valley. She operates under Western Pioneer Financial, a Direct Lender & Mortgage Broker, located in Fresno, CA. Marisol has been with the company for 2 years now under Home Loans With Marisol. Marisol has been successful in her business because she takes the time to educate her clients so that they're able to make the decision that's right for them when they choose to buy or refinance their home. Buying or refinancing a home can be a very rewarding & exciting decision. As a home buyer or someone looking to refinance, you want to make sure that you are working with the best people who can take you from start to finish & make the process as effortless as possible. Marisol's services provide just that and much more. Her clients know that when they choose to work with her, they're working with someone who they trust. They know that she will provide them with the best services and products that are custom to their needs, assuring them they made the right decision by choosing to work with her. Marisol is able to facilitate the mortgage process for her clients by offering the best mortgage that fits their own unique situation and provides them with the best terms at the same time. For Marisol, it's all about offering solutions that her clients are happy with so that she is able to help as many families and individuals as possible. "When I remember meeting that family whom thought buying a home was unattainable for the very first time and then seeing their picture in front of their new home with their keys on hand, that is what makes what I do so rewarding. For me it's the people I help and the relationships I build along the way that defines a successful business." Marisol Says. Similar to many others, it's been a great year for the mortgage industry with rates being at a historical low and lots of people wanting to buy and refinance homes. It has been a very busy year even with most lenders tightening up their guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Marisol is confident that she will continue to see this towards the end of the year and into next year. That being said, if you're looking to buy or refinance a home, you want to ensure that you position yourself to take advantage of historically low interest rates. Moving forward, Marisol's next step is to grow a team of people of whom she can mentor. She is looking to teach the value of helping others and building relationships. This way, she is able to help more people and more families which gives her purpose and pushes her to keep doing what she does.

To learn more about Marisol Espinoza and Home Loans With Marisol, click here.

#13 Jerome Trail

Jerome Trail is the founder and Broker of Record of The Mortgage Trail, a residential mortgage solution service which provides customers with the best possible home loans. The Mortgage Trail was founded independently in 2013 with access to over 30 different lenders. They have provided hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans to a client base of thousands. Jerome ensures that when a customer steps into the door, he and his team are working for YOU, not the lender. Working with The Mortgage Trail is free to customers. Jerome and his team get paid by the lenders, meaning there is no out of pocket service fee that his customers owe. Operating under such conditions makes the home loan process easier for the customer, and provides them with the best possible prices and products to fit their specific needs. The Mortgage Trail is an independent, customer and technology-driven mortgage brokerage. With Jerome's experience, he has the patience and understanding to help guide first time home buyers, as well as navigate through some of the toughest refinancing situations. Success in Jerome's eyes come from a referral-based, repeat clientele. Jerome feels this success when one happy customer refers someone to his brokerage because of a positive experience they had with him. The gratitude and overall happiness of his customer's experiences are what measures success for Jerome and The Mortgage Trail. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most lenders are putting restrictions on the loans they are selling to customers. Jerome recognizes the importance of putting his clients' needs first, which has helped him retain his clientele through these difficult times. Moving forward, Jerome is looking to launch his proprietary technology and continue to help as many individuals and families as possible.

To learn more about Jerome Trail and The Mortgage Trail, click here.

#14 Phil Treadwell

Phil Treadwell is the Founder and Host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast, where he interviews expert guests who share tips and advice to help mortgage professionals build their businesses. Phil also serves as the VP of Development and Regional Manager for Mason-McDuffie Mortgage. With over 16 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Phil's mission for the podcast is simple: to help people build their business and do mortgage marketing better. Technology, social media, and the internet have created new opportunities for mortgage professionals, and Phil helps leverage tried-and-true practices from previous decades and show how to apply them in a Millennial world. Being a veteran in the industry, he has been coached and mentored by some of the industry's elite professionals. He has a unique perspective on the principles it takes to be successful in the mortgage business, as well as what it will take as the industry continues to grow and evolve. The mortgage industry has historically been very slow to adopt and implement newer technologies and strategies that nearly every other industry has already implemented. 2020 has forced lenders to take a more technological approach in how they communicate, develop relationships, and conduct everyday business. The Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast helps business owners adapt to new ways of running their business in today's day and age. One of Phil's measures of success is doing just that. He strives to provide information that helps originators become modern mortgage professionals. Moving forward, Phil is looking to continue providing networking, influence, and advice to mortgage professionals today and in the future. To learn more about Phil Treadwell and the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast, click here.

#15 Sue Hameed

Sue Hameed is the founder, team leader, and Mortgage Broker at Platinum Mortgages Ottawa under the M3 Network where she manages over 20 agents and runs her own mortgage business through Mortgages With Sue, which is a residential and commercial financing company. Sue is one of Canada's Top Mortgage Brokers placing Top 1% across Canada in 2019 and has received numerous prestigious awards such as CMP's Young Guns. Sue is equipped with the tools and experience to connect her clients with highly competitive loans from the most reputable lenders in the country.Sue provides mortgage solutions for every type of situation. From the most basic to the most complex scenarios, she strives to ensure the client is well informed and educated throughout the entire process. Operating with honesty and integrity as the pillars of her business, Sue is dedicated to her clients and assisting them with their needs. With a seamless process from A to Z that can be done from the comfort of your home, Mortgages With Sue offers everything from pre-approvals, refinancing, construction loans, and everything in between. The Mortgage Industry in 2020 is booming, and Sue and her team have never been busier with mortgage loans. Adapting to the new virtual way of doing business is crucial to the future in order to maintain success at Mortgages With Sue. In Sue's eyes, success in her business is helping as many individuals achieve home ownership as possible. The most rewarding part of what she does is educating clients so they can make informed decisions regarding one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Moving forward, Sue is looking to continue growing her company and brand as a whole, as well as expand her team and number of clients she is able to help every year. With record low interest rates, Sue is prepared to work harder, smarter, and more diligently than ever before to continue helping people across the country get the best loans for the best prices.

To learn more about Sue Hameed and Mortgages With Sue, click here.

#16 Jonathan Depina

Jonathan DePina is a Division Manager at Total Mortgage which offers a streamlined approach and infrastructure that helps create a fast and seamless process for each customer. Their cutting edge technology and systems coupled with sales support allows each customer to complete major real estate transactions comfortably and in a safe manner which is especially important during these unprecedented times. In addition to conventional loans, Total Mortgage offers government-backed FHA, VA, and USDA loans as well as programs that can help homebuyers with the down payment assistance. Not only does Jonathan DePina provide financing solutions to his customers, but also extend personal experience that can relate with all different buyer profiles from first time home buyers to multi-unit investors. Building wealth in real estate is something Jonathan believes in, ultimately becoming one of his passions. His favorite part of the process is when he takes a first time home buyer and converts them into an investor. Jonathan surrounds himself with a network of trusted professionals that he can trust to help him facilitate his customers' real estate goals over time. Success to Jonathan DePina means meeting his clients expectations and ensuring their satisfaction and comfort in the process. Jonathan DePina evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as strong with the rates being so low and consumers looking to save money and re-evaluating their housing needs such as more living spaces as a result of Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the biggest obstacles Jonathan faced in business because changing his business practices from one day to another was very challenging, but ultimately manageable. As for what is next for Jonathan as a division manager for Total Mortgage, his goals consist of expanding his team's presence in areas throughout the company, working on a series of PodCasts that he will be sharing on his social media platforms. To learn more about Jonathan and his business, click here.

#17 Sanya Bakshi

Sanya Bakshi is a Mortgage Agent at Brevity Capital, a Canadian financial services company that offers a range of services including residential and commercial mortgages. With over 8 years of experience within the Wealth Management industry, her intimate knowledge of the city of Toronto allows her to understand what it takes to satisfy her clients: open communication, personalized service, and dedication. As a Toronto native and seasoned mortgage agent, she prides herself on an effective combination of charm and tenacity. With two distinct divisions under her belt specializing in both residential and commercial mortgage and lending solutions, her business focuses on empowering and enabling clients through knowledge and education for them to make the best mortgage decision for themselves. Sanya has access to over 50 lenders including banks, credit unions, and other national and regional lenders, giving her a competitive edge with more rates and options for her clients. With her extensive background, access to the best underwriters, as well as numerous lenders that will support and provide the best rates around, you don't need to look further. Sanya will always provide the best option for you and give it to you straight. For Sanya, success comes from various areas of her business. She holds herself to being diligent and consistent while communicating with her clients, remaining organized and prepared for all situations, and focusing on her clients rather than the numbers. With interest rates at all time lows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanya and her team have witnessed the influx in demand for mortgages. With no hesitation, she has taken this opportunity to help more families get into the homes of their dreams at the best possible prices. Going forward, Sanya is working hard to evolve as a mentor for her clients. Sanya believes that coaching her clients through the loan process is crucial to the success of her business as well as providing top of the line service for her clients. Accommodating how her clients desire to be coached is the cherry on top of best rates she can provide for them. To learn more about Sanya Bakshi and Brevity Capital, click here.

#18 Bonnie Murphy

Bonnie Murphy, of Homestead Mortgage LLC, is looking to shape the way people build their wealth, as well as help people create multiple sources of income and be able to retire at ages much lower than the national level. With over 12 years of experience in finance, Bonnie is a seasoned loan officer and is second to none. It is crucial to trust the person that is going to help you make huge financial decisions, listen to your needs, and recommend solutions. Leading with a servant mindset, Bonnie and Homestead Mortgage LLC are in the business of helping people achieve their goals and dreams through the power of financial guidance to a desired outcome. Rather than measure success in dollars, Bonnie feels that success comes from the number of people she can help. Above all, Bonnie values the impact she can make on her direct community before valuing her bank account or the earnings report for Homestead Mortgage LLC. Along the way, Bonnie was faced with adversity. When she made the choice to switch from being a "back office" loan employee to the origination side, she was very nervous leaving the territory she was so comfortable with. However, she did not look back. Bonnie experienced immense personal growth through the challenges she faced and being able to step out of her comfort zone allowed her to continue achieving her goals every day. In such times, it is always hard to predict what will happen going forward, but Bonnie is confident that the record breaking lows of rates show unprecedented strength in the housing market. With a bright future, Bonnie's main objective is to educate others on how to create wealth through real estate, as well as using multiple income streams to achieve retirement at an age far below the national average. Her newest endeavor is a mastermind group of real estate investors in the South Shore of Massachusetts. Homestead Mortgage LLC is always on the lookout for talented and driven individuals looking to join the team. If you are interested in learning more about Bonnie Murphy and Homestead Mortgage LLC, clickhere.

#19 Terry Kilakos

Terry Kilakos is the founder of North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency which is a Mortgage Brokerage, Real Estate Brokerage & Financial Services Firm. North East is a one of a kind firm servicing all of Quebec and some parts of Canada. Offering many services under the same roof, with a portfolio of thousands of satisfied customers, North East has a sound reputation in the market and is considered the #1 choice for professional advice. North East's licensed brokers are highly trained and are able to provide a complete solution based on their clients' specific needs. With an easy online pre-approval process, any client can be on their way to buying a property before they even know it. Success in business to Terry Kilakos means having satisfied clients and a good reputation in the industry. Terry Kilakos evaluates the mortgage industry in 2020 as strong due to the double digit increase in home values and he believes the trend will continue well into 2022. One of the biggest obstacles Terry has faced in business so far has been the government policy changes that impact the ability for the average Canadian to qualify for a mortgage. One additional thing to note about Terry Kilakos is that he has been hosting an informative show on CJAD 800AM, as well as online for over a decade. His mission is to inform and educate the public. As for what is next for Terry and his business, they are currently looking to expand their product offering as well as grow across the entire country. To learn more about Terry Kilakos and his business, click here.

#20 Jason Smith

Jason Smith is the VP, Branch Manager, Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, and one of the "Mortgage Masters" at NOVA® Home Loans. NOVA Home Loans specializes in helping families purchase homes with a wide array of loan options and programs. NOVA services all loans in-house, expediting the home loan process for their customers. NOVA is equipped with underwriters, processors, closing and funding specialists, and even a credit services department that helps improve home buyer's credit scores with no extra cost. Jason Smith and his Mortgage Masters team at NOVA are everything but ordinary home loan lenders. They are called the Mortgage Masters for a reason - they know the guidelines like no one's business and look down every avenue to find ways to get their customers qualified to purchase a home. Jason puts his whole heart into what he does, regardless of the loan size. Without hesitation, Jason and the Mortgage Masters are true, genuine, and honest partners for their agents, as well as expert advocates for their buyers. With such uncertainty in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jason and his team have taken advantage of the opportunity to lend with historically low interest rates. Jason is confident that after such difficult times, the real estate markets are destined to remain strong, which will allow him to lend more and help more people buy homes. With so much business, however, Jason and his team have run into one problem; a lack of staff to keep up with the work. Jason is forced to work longer hours each day in order to keep up with the volume of loans NOVA is dealing with. One thing that has helped Jason stay on track through these difficult times is his passion for helping Veterans. As a Veteran himself, nothing fills his bucket more than being able to get a fellow Veteran in their dream home. Jason, with the help of the Mortgage Masters team, was just named #4 in the country by the Scotsman Guide for Top VA Loan Originators for 2019, which is something they take great pride in. Moving forward, Jason Smith has his eyes set on becoming a well-known leader and authority figure in the social media world and in news outlets. Jason's main goal is to help families get into the homes of their dreams, and being an advocate for the mortgage industry will allow him to rid fear from prospective home buyers. To learn more about Jason Smith and NOVA Home Loans, click here.


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