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How to Write a Chinese Press Release? Online Chinese Writing Course Worth Learning for Anyone

Thursday, 10 September 2020 10:45 AM

TAIPEI, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2020 / The boss has assigned you a crushing task "writing a press release", sounds pretty hopeless, right? PR Lass' professional writing service aims to promote good writing in all aspects of the business. Whether you are in contact with employees, stakeholders or customers, good writing is a core skill. Now, this free course will help you write fascinating news articles.

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PR Lass website provides a large number of expert teaching articles, anyone can find the best answer online at any time (Photo via Shutterstock)

Writing news releases is a necessary skill for marketing and public relations personnel. Many people are good at writing news releases in local languages, but do you know how to write it in different languages? Online courses provide news release writing courses in Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Bengali... etc. in multiple languages. Free courses include: PR, SEO skills, and there are corresponding templates for public reference. In addition, you can learn the correct vocabulary used in the news release or consult a professional translation service.

A lot of information is provided on the, allowing you to quickly learn the skills of writing, and smoothly publish the PR. PR Lass taught the necessary knowledge for PR personnel, pass the information to the public, and enhance the brand reputation of the company:

  1. Press release writing principles and publish method
  2. Impact skills for professional press releases
  3. Information for media and press release agents
  4. List and ranking of news agencies in each country
  5. How to link press releases and social media
  6. Consultation writing and translation services

PR Lass Studio, Thursday, September 10, 2020, Press release picture

Why are many business and companies using online news releases to jack up their popularity? The Internet is very convenient, but the world is full of excessive information. Too many websites generate information that you can never finish reading, you will not waste precious time reading ordinary articles. Most people only read websites with high credibility. Professional public relations personnel link content to social media, or distribute them in various forums, and place advertisements, which will quickly increase brand awareness. If you want to become a new generation of online public relations experts, please don't miss PR Lass's teaching article on "Communities and Web Applications for Press Releases".

If you are a beginner, don't worry about writing skills. Many bosses never care about the first draft and have time to modify the content before the nes release is published. Remember one principle: The title attracts readers and the content is simple and clear, you have completed 80%

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About PR Lass

Established in 2017, PR Lass is a practical news release teaching website composed of experienced public relations, marketers and journalists. We are committed to providing useful press release-related knowledge to the public, as well as professional consulting, and providing press release writing or translation services for customers.

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