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INCENT: The Hot New Ticket in Online Advertising

Saturday, 05 September 2020 09:00 AM

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2020 / In a matter of months since Incent (INCNT) - a listed, tradeable currency burst onto the scene it has been pushing boundaries, projections and expectations for firms, and advertisers alike. The resilience of the humble Australian team behind Incent led by visionary CEO, Rob Wilson managed to defy expectations at every turn, and currently boasts over 8 million weekly banner impressions across their growing community of content creators.

Incent, Saturday, September 5, 2020, Press release picture

In an increasingly competitive digital advertising space where companies have been experiencing declining ROIs, and increasing ad expenditure year on year, Incent is the hot new ticket which promises penetration of a high trust and highly engaged global community of consumers who have been otherwise disenfranchised by witnessing their digital communities oversaturated by advertisements.

Whereas digital advertising has hit a stalemate in no small part due to the lack of cultural and institutional trust originating from consumers, firms appear to have been oblivious to this shift, and the declining bottom line marked by the 55% increase in YOY advertising expenditure.

The companies that truly stand out in today's digital landscape are those that have been able to adapt to the emerging adtech markets and the way in which people interact with content online.

Traditional broadcast media has increasingly been dubbed a dying industry, as evidenced by the massive layoffs and alarming P&Ls of companies such as CNN, The New York Times, Fox and the like.

Amongst this media genocide, Incent's advertising model which is predicated on distributing wealth back into the pockets of content creators, and their audiences have seen an exponential uptick in user growth with no signs of decelerating.

The proprietary nature in which Incent functions is subject to its utilization of blockchain technology, and dynamic custom overlays which live video creators are able to embed within their streams.

For the first time, advertisers are being given untapped access to the ever-elusive 18-34 audience within a medium of their own choosing, resulting in higher brand exposure, lower customer acquisition costs (CACs) and higher profit margins.

For more information on the ways in which your firm can start utilizing, and targeting the mega community on offer by Incent’s Ingage platform, please reach out to our press director Penny Riley ([email protected]).

About Incent:

Incent is a blockchain company whose mission is to make it economic for commerce, to frictionlessly incentivise valued behaviour so that businesses and consumers can build wealth through their expenditure and attention choices.

Our core technologies present commerce and consumers with a more effective way of incentivising the behaviours they desire of their audiences.



Penny Riley
[email protected]
+61 289580578

SOURCE: Incent

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