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Amidst Pandemic, Former National Champion Bobby Tatum Helps Students Excel At Trading Forex With Online Tatum Forex Academy

Friday, 04 September 2020 12:45 PM

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2020 / Times have been hard for a lot of people in 2020. With the Coronavirus pandemic and record high unemployment numbers, most have been desperate to get back into the workforce safely or have an opportunity to earn money from home. Former University of Texas National Champion and US Army HS All American football star Bobby Tatum has spent over 20,000 hours preparing for a moment that most didn't know would present itself. Tatum has become an expert trader and is helping people all over the world learn how to trade from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Tatum Forex Academy, Friday, September 4, 2020, Press release picture

"I believe that Covid-19 and this recent market crash has been an eye-opening moment for most people. Now, I see a massive amount of people joining my Forex University every day because they are tired of being misused by big businesses and people are actively looking for opportunities and skillsets to help them gain control of their financial situation. My passion is to teach and educate people about money and how to make that money work for them instead of spending their life working for money. People that come from where I am from are struggling financially, dead, or locked up in prison. I have multiple uncles and cousins in prison currently. That is why I am so passionate about sharing this education and information because it is a tool for ANYONE to become financially free and to change their lives drastically. It is not taught in high school or college about how to actually manage your money or how to grow your money. All you are taught is to be a good employee and save money. In actuality, you are losing money while it sits in your bank account, almost 4% yearly, due to inflation and the federal reserve printing money whenever they please." -Tatum

The foreign exchange markets are the largest volume market in the world with over $7T moving daily. Such volatile conditions this year have presented incredible opportunities to make money from the markets just as the banks, governments, and hedge funds have been doing for years. They have also presented opportunities for novices to lose a lot of money as well, which is why Tatum is a firm believer in investing into your education as you're learning the markets.

Tatum can be reached on Instagram at @mrbobbytatum

For business inquiries, please DM Mr. Tatum on Instagram or reach him via email at [email protected]


Contact Name: Bobby Tatum
Business/Organization Name: Tatum Forex Academy
Email: [email protected]
Address: Dallas, TX

SOURCE: Tatum Forex Academy

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