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The Sub-Forum "Intelligent Manufacturing Creates New Industries" Was Held in Chongqing of China

Thursday, 03 September 2020 08:20 AM

CHONGQING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2020 / As the important sub-forum of 2020 online Smart China Expo, the sub-forum "Intelligent Manufacturing Creates New Industries" was held in Chongqing of China on September 1, 2020 and more than 120 people in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence at home and abroad made discussions on topics such as "digital industrialization and new driving force of growth".

Smart China Expo, Thursday, September 3, 2020, Press release picture

This forum was sponsored by the organizing committee of Smart China Expo, undertaken by Chongqing Big Data Application Development Administration and Jiulongpo District People's Government of Chongqing , and co-sponsored by Tus Cloud Data, CICBA and XF Think Tank.

Yao Qizhi, winner of Turing prize, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of Cross Information Research Institute of Tsinghua University, sent a congratulatory letter to the forum. He said that the world is rapidly entering the era of intelligence at present, attaching great importance to promoting original innovation. China owns the competitiveness in the aspects of policy promotion, industrial chain foundation and market environment, and the intelligent innovation industry has broad prospects.

Zhou Tao, doctoral supervisor of University of Electronic Science and technology and director of the Big Data Research Center, introduced the latest research results. In recent years, the CICBA led by Zhou Tao focused on the intelligent application of big data in finance, transportation, industry, medical treatment and other fields, deeply explored the collaborative innovation of government, industry, university, research and application, and promoted the industrial transformation and upgrading of Chongqing as well as the improvement of its urban competitiveness.

In the round table forum, focusing on the theme of "digital industrialization and new driving force of growth", 6 distinguished guests were invited to participate in, including Zheng Nong, the Senior Vice President of Mininglamp Technology, Gao Daming, Chairman of Trinity Innovation Fund, Yuan Hongyu, Vice President of Institute of International Artificial Intelligence, Harbin University of Technology (Shenzhen), Yin Lei, Senior Artificial Intelligence Expert of WeBank, Liao Xin, Chairman of WiSERV Technologies, and Song Yulun, CTO and Chief Data Scientist of Unicom Big Data.

Participants said that Chongqing's planning and attention to the new infrastructure strategy impressed them a lot. Besides that, they also focus on the cultivation of artificial intelligence talents in universities and promote the exchange and linkage between universities and enterprises in order to cultivate talents suitable for the "new infrastructure" in the future. It will be a very important part of developing the smart industry.

In terms of the strategic action plan of innovation driven development led by big data intelligence implemented in Chongqing, the participants said that it is necessary to accelerate the digital industrialization and industrial digitization, enable transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises with big data and intelligence, and build a new growth of Chongqing's economic development with the help of digital economy. The "new infrastructure" plays an important role in this plan, and Chongqing is believed to be more intelligent in manufacturing industry and the city development in the future.


The Sub-Forum "Intelligent Manufacturing Creates New Industries"

Cathy Sun

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SOURCE: Smart China Expo

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