Deepak Agarwal Supports 1,500 Children through World Vision, and Over 1 Million Children through Vitamin Angels
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Deepak Agarwal Supports 1,500 Children through World Vision, and Over 1 Million Children through Vitamin Angels

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 10:20 AM

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Deepak "Dee" Agarwal, entrepreneur, c-suite executive, and founder of both retail and business process outsourcing organizations, has always been deeply rooted in his corporate purpose: giving back to a world in which he has found success.

"After watching my businesses flourish and thrive, I saw it as my opportunity and responsibility as a leader to pay it forward and define our mission as something beyond generating revenue. I have always sought to instill these values in my corporate culture. At the end of the day, it always comes back to your ‘Why?' - Why do you do what you do, and what lasting impact are you making?"

From day one, Dee Agarwal's desire to make a lasting impact has been a guiding light in his business decisions. Keeping his values at the core of his operations, Deepak Agarwal discovered two philanthropic organizations that best captured his desire to give back in a meaningful way.

"Addressing hunger, especially childhood hunger, is a plight and priority that I resonate with intellectually and emotionally," explained Deepak Agarwal. "Intellectually, it is clear that one of the best ways to set children on a positive path is by making sure they have nutrients to grow and learn. Emotionally, I recognize that children have very little ability to change their circumstances and need our help. I have two young daughters, and the idea that any child is starving is heartbreaking and something I wanted to do my best to address."

Backed by a desire for impact, Dee first sought to use his company as a tool of improvement and giving. He started with World Vision, a humanitarian organization with a focus on empowering children, families, and communities by fighting hunger in impoverished areas of the world. Upon learning of their work, Deepak Agarwal felt an immediate draw to support their efforts. While operating, Deepak worked with World Vision to sponsor one child for every employee of the company, resulting in the sponsorship of over 1,500 children.

"It was incredibly rewarding to integrate my support of World Vision with my company," said Deepak Agarwal. "Employees had such a sense of pride, knowing that their work each day helped support a child in need. The positive impact of this partnership reverberated inside and outside of the organization."

Since his work with World Vision, Deepak has sought additional ways to support the fight against world hunger. Today, Deepak continues this philanthropic focus through a one-to-one grant with Vitamin Angels, an organization dedicated to serving mothers and children across the globe with vitamins, supplements, and nutritional counseling. Through Dee's contributions and the grant, Vitamin Angles is able to provide a free 6-month supply of vitamins for children in need for each purchase of specified vitamin brands, with the goal of reaching more than 1 million children.

Deepak Agarwal continues to use his platform as a business leader to lead by action and stress the importance of giving back. "Whether it is 1 million people or just one, helping those in need is a powerful way to demonstrate humility, generosity, and gratitude for what you have gained. Lead your life and business with these principles and discover a sense of fulfillment that no amount of revenue can buy."


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