Jordan Hardgrave on Beating Depersonalization And Derealization and Helping Thousands Do the Same
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Jordan Hardgrave on Beating Depersonalization And Derealization and Helping Thousands Do the Same

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 6:00 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / Depersonalization is feeling detached from oneself, feeling as if they and their body are a separate entity. Derealization is seeing everything with an unwillingly lazy, dream-like quality, which makes the material world seem fake and unreal. The experience is often associated with trauma as well as unsettling panic attacks that, after years of research, Jordan Hardgrave has finally been able to conquer.

Full-time anxiety and DPDR (short name for depersonalization and derealization) Coach Jordan Hardgrave is on a mission to help people overcome the terrifying sensations he once had. With a unique approach to recovery, his portfolio only boasts of a satisfied clientele who can proudly say that they no longer suffer from depersonalization and derealization.

Jordan got himself acquainted with DPDR a week after he graduated from high school. He was spending time with his friend and was soon talked into smoking marijuana. It was his first hit, and Jordan Hardgrave had no idea it would hit him back as hard as it did.

"I never had a full-on panic attack before. One by one, the symptoms kicked in," he recalls. His heart was pounding, breath was escaping him, and Jordan felt ‘‘waves of heat'' crawl up his spine. Slowly, Jordan Hardgrave was losing feeling in his limbs. He thought he was going to die.

Then, suddenly, everything became murky as if in a dream. "I felt like I was watching myself on a video camera. It felt as if my eyes were five feet above my head and I was watching myself pace back and forth in the darkness." Time stopped, and nothing felt real anymore.

It would continue to be that way for several years, with Jordan feeling as if he was clutching at straws every time the sensation hit. Nothing grounded him, and no advice online gave him the freedom he craved. After trying every alleviation he could get his hands on, Jordan Hardgrave cracked the code.

Focusing on a body-based approach to recovery, he finally went without the threat of DPDR over his head for the first time in a long while. In a matter of months, he was back to feeling like his old self. Jordan Hardgrave decided to perfect his approach. He invested thousands of dollars and hours studying brilliant minds in the field of traumatic stress and dissociation, such as Bessel van der Kolk M.D., Dr. Peter A. Levine, and Dr. Eric J. Gentry, Ph.D.

Once his DPDR sensations were nothing but a distant memory, Jordan Hardgrave was determined to share what he learned. He remembered how hard it was to find accurate scientific information that produced results and didn't want to only recover for himself. He wanted his recovery to be an example for millions around the world who were still desperately searching for healing. He posted a YouTube video on his front porch with his iPhone, and it unexpectedly went viral. His series of DPDR recovery videos garnered a staggering one million views worldwide, with nearly 20,000 subscribers. Jordan recalls: "After I posted the first few videos, the subscribers, views, and comments came flooding in from all around the world. People were telling me that my tips were more clear and effective than anything they had ever heard concerning trauma, depersonalization, and derealization."

As more people were walking out of the nightmare that is DPDR, the demand for Jordan's services grew. His audience was clamoring for an online course. "I had never made an online course before," Jordan Hardgrave shares on his website, "but it was an opportunity to grow, help my subscribers and, also perhaps create a way for me to pay my bills and support my family while helping people full-time."

Seeing an opportunity, Jordan bought all his competitors' products to study how much value they added to their customers. Jordan Hardgrave was convinced that anything worth doing is worth doing well. He once again burned the midnight oil to make "The Depersonalization Recovery Course" significantly better than anyone else's. It would answer questions often left unaddressed and bring comfort to those often excluded.

To say the launch of his online venture was successful would be an understatement. Jordan Hardgrave became the household name for DPDR concerns. Within only two years, Jordan is now a celebrated entrepreneur and DPDR authority who turned a simple idea and a desire to help into a comfortable income for his family, and a resource to help those who are desperate for accurate information that produces freedom and relaxation.

As a symbol of hope for those suffering from DPDR and a role model to aspiring entrepreneurs, the entrepreneur is a walking success story not just as a DPDR survivor but also as a businessman. Continually learning and improving his course materials, he betters the lives of those suffering from depersonalization-derealization while staying on top of his game.

Reach out to Jordan Hardgrave and learn more about his course, The Depersonalization Recovery Course, which is helping thousands worldwide through his official website. Also, feel free to email Jordan for any coaching inquiries.

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