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Douglas Dohrman Reflects on Education and Main Loves in Life

Thursday, 27 August 2020 05:20 PM

Editor Douglas Dohrman opens up about his time in Iowa, California, and Texas respectively, and talks about education, travel, interests, family, and more as he reflects on life so far.

COLLEGE STATION, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2020 / From his years of university study in Iowa and his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco to today being a proud father of three with a love of travel, wine, and cooking, now based in College Station, Texas, Douglas Dohrman has been happily married for more than three decades. A successful editor with an interest in neuroscience, addiction, and politics, Dohrman provides a closer look at life in eastern Texas as he reflects on his education, upbringing, personal interests, hobbies, home life, and more.

"I was born and raised in a small farm town in Iowa, around 1,000 miles north of my current home in eastern Texas," explains Douglas Dohrman, speaking from his residence in the popular Brazos County city of College Station. "I earned a BS in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa," he goes on, "before completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California in San Francisco in the Department of Neurology."

His journey west to California from his small Iowa hometown saw Douglas Dohrman develop a keen interest in wine, he says. "After settling in California, I developed a love of wine and spent much time traveling to the wine country and learning all I could," explains Dohrman.

Despite his time spent living in and traveling across much of California, Douglas Dohrman has always been very close to his family, he says, and enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties for family and friends alike. "I still maintain a love of travel, however," Dohrman adds, "and hugely enjoy visiting new places with my wife and our three children."

A devoted husband and father, the birth of his daughter with Down Syndrome changed Douglas Dohrman and his family's life forever. "Of all of my achievements in life, I'm the most proud of my family," adds the Iowa native, "and what we've accomplished together."

Douglas Dohrman and his wife met while lab partners in a biology class, and have now been happily married for over 30 years. "Besides the birth of my children, some of my fondest memories have been of the time that my wife and I lived in San Francisco," reveals the successful editor and wine aficionado. "We did a lot of traveling, going out to symphonies and ballets, dining out, and hiking and cycling through beautiful areas such as Yosemite and around Lake Tahoe," adds Dohrman.

Both keen travelers, the young pair made numerous trips to Hawaii, plus regular weekend visits to San Diego, Seattle, British Columbia, Mexico, and elsewhere, enjoying everything from snow skiing to beautiful beaches. "I've also spent a lot of vacation time in Colorado," Douglas further points out, "where my family has a cabin that my grandparents purchased the same year I was born."

Asked to pick a highlight from life so far, Douglas Dohrman is quick to respond. "One of the best nights of my life was when my daughter with Down Syndrome was named Homecoming Queen at her high school," reveals the proud father of three. "I heard so many stories from teachers and parents about how much she was loved, how sweet she was to everyone, and what an inspiration she was to all," adds Douglas Dohrman in closing, "that I couldn't possibly be more proud of her."

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