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FastComet Hosting Review: A Benchmark For The Hosting Companies World Wide!

Thursday, August 20, 2020 3:00 AM

KERALA, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2020 / The increasing dependence for people working from home and commencing their own businesses in the year 2020 has created a newfound demand in the hosting business. With several choices to increase their stream of income, the question of having a strong host to bolster your online presence is one of the most important. If you're looking for a rock-solid host to have your back, FastComet is the one that could work for you. A name that is well known in the hosting market, FastComet takes after its name and provides a stellar performance.

Launched in the year 2013, FastComet is a private organization and has its headquarters established in San Francisco. The organization has a team of 70 members, more than 20,000 cloud nodes, and over 50,000 clients globally. If you look at their progress objectively, they have made quite a leap in a short span of seven years.

So what gives FastComet its brilliant performance to a worldwide base of customers with diverse backgrounds and unique requirements? They have ten server locations in landmark locations such as Amsterdam, Chicago, Tokyo, Mumbai, London, and Singapore. The clients are linked to the servers closest to their location to give them a better performance.

Owing to their private organization status, this company is in league with the big dogs in a billion-dollar industry. For a young organization with a handful of employees, FastComet makes big claims that they deliver on. It was appeasing to see that their performance was exactly as promised. We conducted independent research to check out their performance as compared to their popular competitors and here's what we admire about FastComet:

Strong Uptime Performance

On FastComet's homepage, you will be shown a graphic that shows an active comparison of their uptime performance as compared to the biggest names in the hosting industry. Amazingly for them, they prove that they are the best when it comes to providing the best services overall backed by data. We had no complaints about their uptime performance since the first few months were a flawless 100% while only dipping occasionally in the next few months to an overall average of 99.97%. That is a commendable job for a small firm!

Quick Personal Assistance

The small scale in comparison to the other competitors of FastComet works in their favor and they do not hesitate to cash-in on it. When it comes to the support they provide, they have run well over 400,000 live chat sessions and 875,000 assistance tickets. The team works round the clock to provide quick resolutions without breaking into a sweat. The benefit of their small team shows as the members have prior experience in the System Admin business for over 9 years; scaling down and running FastComet, hence, is not something they're unequipped for. Their friendly demeanor and expertise resolve any grievance and queries quicker than most of the bigger hosting companies. A unique feature of FastComet's live chat pop-up is that you know exactly who you are conversing with. Usually, customer support puts up a fake stock image with a fake name to their customer support member, but not FastComet, which is very impressive.

Reliable and Extended Money-Back Guarantee

The best feature that FastComet provides you is an extended money-back guarantee for a period of 45 days. This is one of the most satisfying guarantees in the hosting market, where you can re-claim your payment made if you are left unsatisfied by their services, which is highly doubtful. Since moving to a new host is a painful experience that involves tearing down an existing website and rebuilding it from scratch along with facing varying technicalities, FastComet makes it a point that you get your money back to lessen the ordeal. A period of 45 days is more generous than one could hope for, so we took advantage of the deal and ran a test site to check their services. Not only did they give us no reason to move, but also did FastComet show how confident they are abo0ut their performance.

Hassle-Free Daily Backups For Free

Accidents and technical glitches are one of the risks that come hand in hand while running a site of your own. Thanks to FastComet, you have not much to worry about losing your hard work in a flash. FastComet offers you a three-step solution to save you from the misery of losing data and progress which is quite a brilliant feat for their organization. Firstly, they provide free data backups on a daily basis. Secondly, they hold this data for a period of 30 days in an off-site storage unit so you can access it at your convenience. Thirdly, you can easily restore an older version of your site with a simple click. Sounds like a fair deal to us, considering the solid package FastComet provides its users. What's better? FastComet offers this facility to all users, no matter what tariff they subscribe to!

Free Cloudflare CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps users access your site from any corner of the world without any lags in loading time. FastComet provides you a bang for the buck with its free Cloudflare CDN service that loads your site at lightning speed, no matter what the location of the visitor is. By hosting your data throughout global servers, you are guaranteed a flawless experience for site visitors. This is a huge cherry on top of FastComet's hosting services because the other competitors don't even provide this service on their plans. If they do, it is all charged for at an expensive rate.

Free Migrations

The offers of FastComet seem too good to be true, but FastComet helps you move your entire site with the help of its experts for you, no hidden costs and clauses. Unlike other hosts that trick you with their loopholes and migration wizards, FastComet makes life easier for you and just in an hour will have your site moved without you doing anything!

Not only has FastComet become the leading cloud hosting service in seven years' time, but it also takes the throne to be one of the best and most reliable service providers in the industry. Courtesy to the value for money packages and freebies it provides, the bigger organizations still have a lot to catch up to. FastComet is credible and quick in all its operations and the best match for any new business that wants their site launched and running in a jiff. With over 150 open-source friendly applications, FastComet oozes confidence and delivers on every promise they make; a clear winner in the hosting industry for us.

Summing Up

With a rocking customer support service and useful tools, an eye-catching design interface powered by FastComet cPanel, and ModSecurity FireWall features, FastComet has managed to build a global presence. You can get the basic plan that comes with 15GB of storage space (SSD) and provides a bandwidth of 30GB for a single website. This offer is a good deal to start, compared to what other hosts currently offer.

The FastCloud base plan is currently available at a discounted price of $2.95/month to help you start your online venture in a matter of minutes. You have a 45 days money-back guarantee as well. You can visit the FastComet official website to check what it has to offer.

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