How Life Alchemist Ahaumna Jones Frees People From Cycles of Scarcity, Suffering, and Survival
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How Life Alchemist Ahaumna Jones Frees People From Cycles of Scarcity, Suffering, and Survival

Friday, August 14, 2020 10:15 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2020 / Nowadays, there is a significant lack of integrity in the life coaching industry. Most of the time, people are in the industry for the money, and their hearts are not for their clients' genuine healing. The industry has become oversaturated with people who teach a one-size-fits-all model that these people themselves have paid for in one training.

Ahaumna Jones, best-selling author of "Creator Consciousness," makes sure that her entire service is rooted in integrity and expertise.

At the age of 11, Ahaumna began her study of spirituality, consciousness, psychology, and metaphysics to gain more insight and understanding of the pain she was harboring within. Years later, she continues her growth with a degree in Criminal Psychology and advanced degrees in Metaphysics to her name. Ahaumna is also a certified yoga instructor, holistic health practitioner, and ordained minister, and is further extending her studies on Earth into NLP, hypnosis, meditation, neuroscience, and keylontic science.

At the age of 27, Ahaumna built her own international business and supported people from all walks of life to become free from the cycles of scarcity, suffering, and survival. Through her writing, online programs, and transformational retreats, Ahaumna has witnessed thousands of people worldwide tap into their own versions of abundance, ease, and thriving.

Today, Ahaumna runs three successful businesses from her home. She is deeply committed to helping people heal and lead them to step into their dreams financially and spiritually, increasing their vitality and mental health.

Unique in her approach to healing and becoming financially independent, Ahaumna is not using what people expect: she uses highly advanced energy technologies that allow her clients to access the quantum field and accelerate their healing. These technologies have almost never been heard before, like quantum biofeedback and bioacoustic sound resonance devices.

Through these tools, tapping into abundance can take place within days instead of months or years.

Ahaumna developed all of her own processes from years of study and trial and error, finding the lightning path to freedom, liberation, abundance, and method to end people's suffering. She is never one to niche herself into one category nor put herself and her clients into a box. This is her philosophy: human beings are multidimensional nonlinear beings who are always stuck in the illusions of linear time, thus ruining their potential.

Because of her deep commitment to her purpose, all of Ahaumna's clients are continually thankful for her integrity and her full transparency in every aspect of her life.

The future that Ahaumna is building is geared towards growth, from transforming the single retreat space in Asheville into a multi-nation community for people to come and get support to the expansion of her new project and nonprofit business, Visionary Kids DBA the Rainbow Path. The new project is an alternative learning experience, ensuring no child is left behind and uniting humanity through global education.

Above all, Ahaumna wants to spread healing until it reaches the farthest corners of the world. She hopes people will always know there is support available, wherever they are. Most importantly, Ahaumna wants everyone to know that they are worthy of their wildest dreams and that their life matters.

Visit Ahaumna's personal website to know more.


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