Here Is Why Better Lending Is One Of The Top Mortgage Companies To Work For, And Why You Should Join Their Team
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Here Is Why Better Lending Is One Of The Top Mortgage Companies To Work For, And Why You Should Join Their Team

Friday, August 14, 2020 9:50 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2020 / Getting a loan for most is a daunting task. Better Lending, however, seeks to change that for its customers. They are a company that believes in a transparent, easy loan process. As a full-service mortgage lender with lower rates, they are committed to building customer relationships and are focused on listening to their customers in order to provide proactive guidance and counsel in a responsive, professional manner.

It's clear they truly care for their customers as they conduct their business with honesty, privacy and in the highest ethical standards. Beyond their respect for their customers, Better Lending also understands the importance of putting their employees first. They often go the extra mile to recognize their employees' needs and successes. This attention and care allows for their employees to be accountable for their actions and responsible in delivering exceptional service. By encouraging an environment that supports teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation, Better Lending is able to do the very best for customers.

In terms of management, all of Better Lending's managers have something unique to bring to the table, which is a huge strength. There is a strong duality built between managers that have many years of experience to keep them sharp against competition, and managers that are fresh to the industry who are able to bring a new perspective to the industry that may be stuck in its ways. Better Lending is well-known for promoting from within, so all team members fully understand their roles and the people they are working with.

With such a strong team, it's no doubt that Better Lending has had some big successes. Namely, being able to grow sustainably - over the past years, they have been able to grow year over year 50% over, meeting the pressure to grow organically, and at incredible rates.

Community is a big part of Better Lending's workplace culture. They focus on keeping the workplace fun for their employees, while still retaining seriousness for their customers. Within the company, they keep a healthy dose of competition alive by sponsoring intra-company competitions and initiatives that focus on team building activities and skills. Outside of the company, they also understand the value of community, showing this by promoting organization wide philanthropic initiatives as much as possible, and by working with many non-profit charities to give back to the community at large.

"Team-first" culture is built at Better Lending by aligning the talent they bring onboard with the company goals. They first set their business objectives, and then are able to build a clear understanding of the employees that will help them reach these goals. Once on the team, Better Lending always motivates and empowers employees in order to create confident teams who are able to meet and surpass goals. They understand, as a company, it's their job to provide the tools, including establishing collaborative processes, structures, and incentives, to their employees so they are able to make a difference. They deeply understand that team-first culture thrives on high employee engagement and cooperation, which directly correlates with high retention rates and overall employee happiness.

To keep at the cutting edge, Better Lending remembers to keep things simple. While this might sound counterintuitive, it's in fact a key to their success. They use new and complex technology and systems to make things easier for their team, not more complicated. By focusing on their people and how they can make their process easier, the higher returns they're able to see in terms of production, efficiency, and work. To beat their competition, they know that cutting down on paperwork is key.

Above all else, Better Lending is a results driven organization. They understand that end results matter immensely, especially as a measurement of client satisfaction, employee growth, innovation, and profitability. This is a culture that permeates every level of management and employee. Better Lending's employees are perceptive, and quickly see through shallow "lip-service" - together with management, they work towards a culture of integrity and results.


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