Oxylabs Establishes New Advisory Board Made up of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Experts
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Oxylabs Establishes New Advisory Board Made up of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Experts

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 6:00 AM
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New AI & ML Advisory Board created to bolster Oxylabs' influence in the big data industry.

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / AUGUST 11, 2020 / Oxylabs, the proxy and data gathering service provider, has announced the launch of its newly formed AI & ML Advisory Board, appointing four industry-leading data science, machine learning and AI experts as its members. Oxylabs' newly formed group will help support and drive the company as it expands its influence in the data industry, while providing discussions and guidance on the proxy and data industry more generally.

Founded and based in Lithuania, Oxylabs ensures every organisation has access to big data, no matter its size. To do this, it puts great emphasis on data gathering, providing success for every organisation it works with. The company's hardworking ethos has allowed it to build a strong reputation within the industry, with over 500 clients - a vast majority of which are Fortune 500 companies.

The board comprises of leading figures in the machine learning, AI, and data science industries, many of whom have experience working for highly reputable organisations such as NASA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and UCL. The group is made up of:

  • Pujaa Rajan, Deep Learning Engineer at Node.io, USA Ambassador at Women In AI and Google Developer ML Expert
  • Adi Andrei, Lead, Mentor, Senior Data Scientist, NASA, Unilever, British Gas
  • Jonas Kubilius, Artificial Intelligence Researcher
  • Ali Chaudhry, PhD Researcher, Artificial Intelligence at UCL

Julius Cerniauskas, CEO, Oxylabs said: "Offering unrivalled innovation in the proxy space has always been at the heart of Oxylabs. Creating an advisory board of this calibre is indicative of the measures we are taking to supercharge innovation in AI, data science and machine learning within the data gathering industry. We wanted to ensure we attracted the very best in the industry who will enable us to grow as an organisation, but more importantly provide expert opinion and advice on the competitive proxy market."

Cerniauskas continued: "The big data industry is expected to grow by almost $100bn within the next five years. It's vital we leverage advances in machine learning and AI to optimise decision making.

"Here at Oxylabs we offer reliable and unique products, with our team continually developing industry-leading solutions. As an example, we've recently launched a brand new Next-Gen Residential Proxies platform, allowing users to leverage the power of machine learning technology and AI, in a residential proxy platform, for the very first time. The addition of the board will play a vital role in ensuring we achieve our vision and that we continue developing innovative data extraction solutions for our clients."

Pujaa Rajan, member of the AI & ML Advisory Board and Deep Learning Engineer, Node.io said: "The proxy market is undoubtedly competitive, yet the board Oxylabs has created is the first of its kind in the industry; formulating a team of experts to advise the company on a number of prominent areas from machine learning to proxy deployment. Every member of the AI & ML Advisory Board brings something unique to the table. The company's thirst and passion to provide for its clients but to also see the industry grow and thrive is what attracted me to join the board, alongside the three other experts Adi, Jonas and Ali."

Rajan concluded: "With the aim of appointing another two members in due course, I look forward to our first quarterly meeting in August 2020 and I cannot wait to collaborate and see what we achieve collectively alongside Oxylabs in the future."

About Oxylabs

Oxylabs is the leading global provider of premium proxies and data scraping solutions for large-scale web data extraction. The company's mission is clear: To give every business - whether big or small - the right to access big data. With unmatched hands-on experience in web data harvesting, Oxylabs is in trusted partnerships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and global businesses, helping them unearth hidden gems of business intelligence data through state-of-the-art products and technological expertise. For more information, please visit: https://oxylabs.io/

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