How This Employment Solutions Company Has Simplified HR In A Post-COVID World
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How This Employment Solutions Company Has Simplified HR In A Post-COVID World

Monday, August 10, 2020 6:30 AM
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VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2020 / Let's face it, finding a job in Ontario is hard. And this is further complicated by the COVID-19 restrictions that were set in place. The pandemic resulted in a loss of 3.0 million jobs from February to April with May reporting the highest recorded rate of unemployment at 13.7% since 1976. Even with restrictions now easing there is still a difficulty for both job-seekers and employers. Employers now have to juggle adapting workplaces with disrupted supply chains and uncertain consumer demand, while job-seekers navigate the uncertainty of returning to previous employers, looking for a new job, or adapting to the new norm of work.

Luckily for employers and job-seekers alike, there is a company that has been tackling these difficulties and navigating the uncertainty of employment with success.

Simplex HR is an employment agency that makes it easier for job-seekers to find a job while simplifying the recruitment process for employers. Founded by Zohaib Aziz, the agency takes the work out of finding a job - profiling job-seekers to assess their skill set, and adding them to a database of workers to match with employers in times of need.

Zohaib wanted to make recruiting easier for employers, and his services - which include recruiting, training, and payroll & administration, to name a few - do just that. Workers are also provided with the benefit of an engaging, fun, and diverse environment - with staff from different backgrounds and industries that ensure each individual is understood and accommodated. Being so involved in the manufacturing industry exposes Simplex to a myriad of other industries - further exposing them to employers and workers with a variety of needs and skill sets. And with the company's high activity on social media, their network ought not to be ignored.

Zohaib is no stranger to hard work - after battling with cancer at the young age of 22, he worked through it with perseverance and commitment. He entered the world of HR and took to it quickly, and used the fuel that ignited his desire to work to create Simplex HR. While it is in the industry of work, this is fun to Zohaib - helping workers find jobs, and easing the complications of recruitment for employers, is what he looks forward to at the start of every week. And the passion for the industry is what brings people in, and what compels them to stay. Simplex HR goes above and beyond for their workers - committed to finding a place for job-seekers that they will enjoy every day, and treating the workers and employers the way that they themselves would want to be treated. To ensure that this isn't compromised during the pandemic, Simplex HR has committed itself to provide medical personnel and thermal guns free-of-charge to its clients, so that they can bring healthy employees back to work and re-open business worry-free. The goal is for Simplex HR to be the #1 recruitment agency in Toronto, and to be the first choice for employers and job-seekers. This goal is not unattainable at all. If anything, it is the logical next step for Zohaib - a man whose passion for work fuels the cogs of the Simplex machine.

While Simplex HR has been the middle-man for employers and job-seekers, it is primarily successful in the manufacturing industry. Zohaib's new endeavour Hirint is focusing on the need to hire-in-tech. Get it? Catchy, isn't it? Hirint will focus on hiring professionals in the technology and AI sector, as Zohaib has noticed an increased need to match employers with workers knowledgeable in this field. Zohaib wants to not just shift with the curve, but be ahead of it - to champion the HR field for tech and AI, and bring digital HR solutions that change the way people connect with jobs. With IT recruiters that profile professionals to ensure they possess the skills suitable to fill roles, Hirint matches job-seekers with workers to ensure they drive their business forward in the tech and digital realm. However, no matter how digital the world gets, it is not data and algorithms that ensure a work environment runs smoothly. Real connections involve human interaction, and technology is nothing without the human intelligence behind it to keep it moving. That is where Hirint comes in - bringing the expertise of Simplex HR and reshaping it for the digital world.

Zohaib knows that the people are the common denominator, and that talent in all industries are contingent on the right people. But it may be hard to discover where to go, or where to start - and Simplex HR and Hirint have and will be the answer that closes that gap, but Zohaib is also helping to lessen that divide in other ways. He, along with his associate Matthew Campoli, started the It's Simple podcast. Showcasing the success stories of Toronto's entrepreneurs, the podcast was started with the intention of helping aspiring entrepreneurs who are lost in the space of the unknown. With no real guide as to where to begin, it can be daunting for aspiring entrepreneurs to navigate the uncertainty of their own business. But with the podcast guests, and the camaraderie among industry leaders, Zohaib shows that It's Simple. Their conversations always promise tips for listeners, giving valuable insight and breaking down different paths to success, as opposed to the same redundant information that offers no guidance. Yet another way that Zohaib connects people to the love of work - inspiring us to achieve our goals.

Zohaib Aziz is not only a success story but a mould - one of perseverance, drive, and inspiration. Zohaib proves that with the proper mindset, work can be fun and simple - and who wouldn't want that?

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