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Blockchain Startup EVShare Participates in $20M Renewables Project Funded by California Energy Commission

Friday, August 7, 2020 9:00 AM
IOV Labs

The project is built on Bitcoin-powered smart contract platform RSK and its RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) technologies.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2020 / EVShare, a blockchain-based energy and transportation startup, is announcing its participation in an innovative renewable energy project, which is launching today. The $20m initiative, which has been funded with the aid of a $9m grant from the California Energy Commission, will support an advanced energy-community pilot in a disadvantaged community in Los Angeles, California. Blockchain infrastructure developed by RSK and powered by bitcoin will play a critical role, storing data pertaining to solar panels, energy storage, and electric vehicle and charging infrastructure.

EVShare, whose goal is to help 1,000 cities transition to a sustainable shared economy over the next decade, will connect solar-roof and solar-home energy systems with shared electric vans, operated by it's partner, the LA based all-electric vehicles rental Green Commuter. Energy will be transferred from solar systems to the vans, enabling vanpooling and for excess energy to be sold to the grid or used by households.

RSK Smart Contracts and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) power blockchain pilot

The project will see the bitcoin-powered RSK public blockchain used to support a market for carbon credit trading and tokens awarded to participants who reduce their carbon footprint by vanpooling, generate and use renewable energy, or behave in other positive ways. These credits can be used to pay for electricity consumption, rides and services, where all mobility related transactions are recorded on the RSK blockchain.

In addition, the blockchain will be used to register transactions between vehicles and other network assets such as solar systems, batteries, and chargers. A final component involves data pertaining to vehicles, batteries, panels and other assets. Their usage will be stored on-chain, implemented with the aid of RIF Identity, an identity and reputation layer for RIF services.

Phase 1 of the pilot, which included the research and development, the business collaborations and the collaboration with the Basset-Avocado Advanced Energy Community (BAAEC), a disadvantaged Los Angeles community, began two years ago. Phase 2, which is launching today, is paving the way for EVShare's solution to be deployed in a live setting, demonstrating the synergies between blockchain and renewables and the value of using a transparent ledger to record energy usage. The initial goal is to connect 50 houses to the solar grid.

The pilot project has been created with a grant from The Energy Coalition and Community Electricity, in collaboration with UCLA and a consortium of partners. These include ACLIMA, Ampere Energy, EnelX, Google, Grid Alternatives, IoT SENSORCOM, Purple Air, Solarays, Sonnen, Space AI, StrongBlock, Tetra Innovations Group, Tritium, and Winn Energy Control.

EVShare CEO Eduardo Javier Muñoz said: "The future of urban energy supply lies in community-centric networks like the pilot we're pioneering in Bassett. We're proud to be a key participant in the prosumer network program with a consortium of leading tech companies, and to have the opportunity to prove the benefits of creating a smart grid that's anchored to a tamper-proof blockchain."

Diego Gutierrez Zalidvar, CEO of IOVlabs, the company powering RSK and RIF, added: "The EVshare California project is providing a very solid use case of the RIF Identity technology, that allows users to share information in order to participate - but doing it with total privacy and self sovereignty. It is a remarkable achievement, and an important tool for community governance and a driver of the reward system."

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About EVShare

EVShare is starting an energy revolution that will save lives and time, with vehicles and power storage devices shared with the community, within a decentralized, shared economy built on the RSK blockchain. RSK's technology is the basis of EVShare's decentralized platform where vehicles, passengers, goods and energy players interact in the community, forming an efficient ecosystem.

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About IOVlabs

IOVlabs develops the blockchain technologies needed for a new global financial ecosystem; one that fosters opportunity, transparency, and trust. The organization currently develops the RSK Smart Contract Network, RIF, and Taringa! Platforms.

The RSK Network is one of the more secure smart contract platforms in the world, designed to leverage Bitcoin's unparalleled hash power while extending its capabilities. RIF's suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols enable faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment. Taringa is Latin America's largest Spanish speaking social network with 30 million users and 1,000 active online communities.

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