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Walter Vann, Long Beach, California Based Realtor And Family Man, Shares How His Own Values & Family Background Influence His Ability To Provide Exceptional Service To His Clients

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 11:00 AM

LONG BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2020 / "In order for me to protect my family's future I have to protect my client's future." Real Estate agent Walter Vann's family values impact each transaction he shares with his real estate clients.

Walter Vann, Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Press release picture

Walter Vann grew up watching his parents work endless hours to provide for him and his four siblings. Walter, born in New York, is the son of immigrant parents from Cambodia. Knowing first hand how hard his parents worked, it was only natural that Walter derived his own strong work ethic starting at a young age.

His journey into real estate began nearly a decade ago. After years of employment in the construction field working endless hours with a commitment in mind to provide for his own family, Walter realized that his kids were growing up similar to his own upbringing, with no parents around. This was the moment when he knew something had to change. Inspired by a TV show, Los Angeles Million Dollar Listing, Walter changed career paths from construction into real estate. Within the year, he obtained his license and quickly learned the ins and outs of real estate and marketing from top real estate and digital marketing coaches, brokers and mentors. Walter formed a partnership with other like minded realtors and started the next chapter of his journey at eXp Realty.

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Over the years, Walter continuously thought back to the sage advice he'd been given by his father. "Be scared of being comfortable because if you're comfortable you're not growing. Being comfortable about being uncomfortable gives you the ability to keep improving, and is a great trait leaders are able to show." The thirst for self improvement and the ability to be humble and learn from everybody around him, including his partners is a reflection of Walter's father being a gateway into Walter's own journey in personal development, serving as a constant source of encouragement and inspiration, he prompted Walter to reach for more and to not consider failure as an option. As a result, when Walter puts his mind to something, little can stop him.

Through it all, Walter seeks to keep his family oriented values as the center of his business and service to clients, acutely aware of the example he is setting for his own children in each client interaction. Walter believes those in the industry should be servant leaders for their clients. They should sincerely care about you and your family's future, not just closing the transaction. This is a belief that Walter holds dear and reminds himself every morning at 5am. As he grabs his coffee, takes a quiet peek at his kids sleeping, and starts his day knowing that in order to protect his kids' future and happiness, he has to protect his clients' investment and future. Through this mindset, he is extremely grateful to have earned his clients trust and friendship over the course of his career.

During his construction career, due to extensive travel as is common in the industry, Walter missed many 1st milestones with his children. Now in his late 30's, with his children being a little older, Walter has a keen appreciation for just how precious each moment in life is and does not take anything for granted. This notion is what sparked his latest endeavor to add a unique service, unseen in real estate, and which has already received exciting feedback from home buyers. In this service, Walter and his videographer record footage of each step of the home buying process, from initial views, to inspections all the way through closing on the home. This results in a beautiful, incredibly emotional video montage the family can cherish for years to come. Similar to those a client might have of their prom or wedding. Working with Walter and his team is truly a unique and unparalleled experience, as he believes this is what each family and individual deserves when they realize their dream of home ownership. If you're interested in working with Walter to buy or sell a home, or in joining his incredible team of realtors, visit

Walter Vann, Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Press release picture

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Address: Long Beach, California
Phone Number: (562) 200-2221
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SOURCE: Walter Vann

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