Cyber Pop-up Is Breaking Talent and Diversity Barriers in the Cybersecurity Industry
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Cyber Pop-up Is Breaking Talent and Diversity Barriers in the Cybersecurity Industry

Thursday, August 6, 2020 7:45 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 6, 2020 / In today's society, where computers run almost everything, it is important to secure one's self from the multiple threats caused by malicious entities online. However, cybersecurity is always an intimidating field for many people, especially considering the less-than-pleasant image that usually comes up when talking about the topic. Wanting to change this image, Dr. Christine Izuakor and Cyber Pop-up is here to shake up the world of cybersecurity.

Cyber Pop-up is a start-up that connects high-demand businesses to on-demand cybersecurity services. Made up by a team of diverse freelancers who are equipped with years of experience working for lucrative companies, Cyber Pop-up is here to bring a fresh, unique approach to cybersecurity.

The company operates on three fundamental values in its work: being trustworthy, flexible, and efficient. First, companies can trust that their requests will be handled only by the best, thanks to Cyber Pop-up's handpicked and highly-skilled freelancers who have experience securing top global organizations. Secondly, Cyber Pop-up's one-of-a-kind setup allows flexibility, wherein clients can put up a request that can be handled as soon as it is needed, with some projects even starting within the same day. Lastly, efficiency is ensured to clients by allowing them to gain access to high-quality, on-demand cybersecurity services without the hassle of recruiting and interviewing, cumbersome contracts, or overhead employment costs.

Cyber Pop-up was founded by Dr. Christine Izuakor, one of the world's leading cybersecurity professionals. With over a decade of experience working in the industry, Dr. Izuakor has led global security strategy for Fortune 100 companies in her career, and had her research published in international journals and presented in conferences all over the world. She completed a master's degree in information systems security from the University of Houston in 2012, and is a holder of a PhD in security engineering, being the youngest person and first African American woman to hold this distinction.

Aside from providing trustworthy, flexible, and efficient solutions for various companies, Cyber Pop-up also aims to address the diversity issue when it comes to the world of cybersecurity. Being a woman of color in an industry that lacks diversity, Dr. Izuakor is dedicated to bringing diverse talent into the world of cybersecurity. As she says, "We believe that diverse cyber challenges require diverse solutions. Our freelancer base is comprised of 50% women with 15+ countries represented across all ethnic groups. We are very intentional about that aspect of our business and the valuable perspective it brings to our customers."

At the same time, Dr. Izuakor also wants to shake up the way people perceive the people who work in cybersecurity. When the term "cybersecurity" is brought up, people usually conjure images of hooded-figures in a dark and gloomy room typing away on their computers. Cyber Pop-up aims to completely go against this preconceived notion, from its youthful name to the more hip and modern look and feel of its brand. Dr. Izuakor, being vibrant and optimistic herself, wants to create a more approachable way of thinking about cybersecurity.

Dr. Izuakor's ultimate goal is not only to provide cybersecurity solutions to more companies but also to revolutionize the way people usually perceive the industry. With Cyber Pop-up's unique, diversified approach, it won't be long before Dr. Christine Izuakor's vision will become true to life.

To know more about Cyber Pop-Up and its unique approach to cybersecurity, you can check out their website, or follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Connect with Dr. Christine Izuakor:

IG: @stineology

Twitter: @stineology

Linkedin: /in/christineizuakor

Company:Cyber Pop-up

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 1 (888) 866-0903


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