FMW Media broadcasting "Exploring The Block" tonight nationwide featuring, MANDI (MANDI), CEEK VR (CEEK) and Somee (ONG)
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FMW Media broadcasting "Exploring The Block" tonight nationwide featuring, MANDI (MANDI), CEEK VR (CEEK) and Somee (ONG)

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 8:20 PM
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Company Update

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / Fetch's second interview will be broadcast on FBN tonight at 11:30 PST This interview with anchor Jane King interviewing Fetch founder and CEO Humayun Sheikh detailing how Artificial Intelligence(AI) and, machine learning on the blockchain will be mandatory for a business to survive. Humayun goes into how has use cases for hospitals to learn from data without sharing the data which is extremely useful and novel for COVID virus preparation.

This interview will also be aired on Bloomberg television on August 29, 2020, with additional updates by FETCH.AI September 26, October 24, November 21, 2020, and December 19.

This is a new world with new challenges and we will continue to bring on the people and companies preparing us all for the "new norm " stated Vince Caruso CEO and Founder " Exploring The Block" company and brand.

" We currently broadcast on 3 U.S. Television Networks and Internationally to over 50 countries and feel that our blockchain Rolodex of clients will literally change the world" continued Caruso.

On this FBN, Fox Business Network show tonight alongside we have MANDI standing for Mining and Infrastructure (MNI) the company bridging investment in Indonesian conventional businesses. Mandi should be a disruptor in the conventional finance world.

CEEK VR (CEEK) with Ceo Mary Spio bringing Virtual Reality to the masses which consumers can enjoy from the comfort of their home. CEEK VY recently worked with Bon Jovi and other megastars. Somee (ONG) is rewarding people for their social media with their user-friendly proprietary app and (ONG) token.

Rounding out the show we have Chris Kramer talking about SoMee - a blockchain-based social media platform. This is Chris and teams third interview being broadcast. We anticipate having an updated interview in the near future.

FMW is also broadcasting the interview number two on our partner CryptoCake YouTube for its 1.82 million subscribers. The first interview was uploaded and received over 1000 views, interview number two will be up on Cryptocake today.

CryptoCake CEO & Co-Founder Steve Slome: "We are proud to form an alliance with FMW Media Works and offer our CryptoCake network as a home for content that will feature FMW's wonderful clients. With 1.8 million subscribers for our YouTube channel already, CryptoCake is the largest FinTech, Crypto, and blockchain news and media channel on YouTube. We are excited to share cutting edge technology companies to our hundreds of thousands of our social media followers including our affiliated network of viewers as well."

Mr. Slome continued, "this partnership will help expand mass adoption for the Crypto & blockchain space and attract serious interest in this emerging market of global development. CryptoCake is a global channel devoted to a world currency that will enable people to truly become financially independent and take control of their own personal gain. With this partnership with FMW, we hope to bring long-term benefits for their clients and our company's shareholders."

Cryptocake will be a big part of "Exploring The Block" social platform making our digital platform among the largest globally for blockchain /crypto companies to share their successes. Stated Vince Caruso Founder and CEO of " Exploring The Block" and " New to the Street" brand television shows.


FMW Media
FMW Media Corp. operates one of the longest-running U.S and International sponsored programming T.V. brands "NewToTheStreet," and its blockchain show "Exploring The Block." Since 2009, these brands run shows across three major U.S. Television networks. These TV platforms reach over 540 million homes both in the US and international markets.

Twitter @NewtotheStreet @ExploringBlock (FET)
" is at the forefront of accelerating research and deployment of emerging technologies, including blockchain and AI. Its solutions are designed for people, organizations, and IoT. The project has created an Open Economic Framework (OEF) that serves as a decentralized search and a value exchange platform for various autonomous economic agents. Supported by a scalable smart ledger, has digital intelligence at its heart, enabling it to deliver actionable predictions and instant trust information to billions of smart devices."

Mandi Token has a wide range of experts in finance, accounting, and business analysis, including former analysts and financial experts from known institutions. Our spokesman, JD Salbego, is an Advisor to Solidum Capital, former CEO of BitTok exchange and current CEO of Legion Ventures. Jonathan Dunsmoor, our Compliance Officer, is Senior Counsel at Reid & Wise LLC, Securities Attorney at Aeryus, and Managing Consultant at NV Global Ventures. Willy Hartono Wijaya, President Director, is a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and an emergent investment figure in the Indonesian economy. We use a very conventional methodology on our approach to assessing the profitability and feasibility of any opportunities that have the potential to add value to our ecosystem and Mandi token holders. (ONG1)
SoMee is a blockchain-based social media platform. Users earn ONG1 for being active on their platform; posting, liking, and getting liked. SoMee's mission is to redefine social media for privacy, end-user control, and monetization. The platform is built for influencers, social media users, and advertisers and is about to release a unique system for advertisers that gives them more control and interaction with their target audience, and that allows their target audience to target them back! SoMee has been in open beta for the past year on the web at and inside of the IOS and Android app stores under

Onica hired Onica, a Rackspace Company is a Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS)Partner Network (APN) to implement AWS auto-scaling technology and provide ongoing 24/7/365 cloud infrastructure and DevOps support. Christopher Kramer, President & CEO of SoMee said, "We couldn't have found a better partner to deploy & provide ongoing AWS support to SoMee, especially as we prepare to scale millions of users onto the SoMee platform. Learn more at


CEEK - A New Reality
CEEK is an award-winning developer of premium social virtual and augmented reality experiences. Headquartered in beautiful Sacramento, California. Our mission is to make virtual reality experiences universally accessible and enjoyable. CEEK simulates the communal experience of attending a live concert, being in a classroom, attending a sporting event and other ‘money can't buy' exclusive experiences with friends from anywhere at any time.

Press Contact :
Bryan Johnson
[email protected]
Phone 1(631766-7463

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