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I’m Never Enough: A Black Woman’s Cry for Racial Justice in the Workplace

Wednesday, 05 August 2020 01:30

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2020 / Every person of color knows that racism is still at the forefront of different communities. As a result, African-Americans, especially Black women, have a much tougher experience in corporate America as compared to their white counterparts. Shay Levister is no stranger to this societal issue as she has lived this reality for years. Today, she is calling for racial justice in the workplace.

Shay Better Coaching, Wednesday, August 5, 2020, Press release picture

Founder of Shay Better Coaching, Shay Levister holds a degree in pre-med biology from Florida State University with her research study touching on the hidden secrets of dating. Since then, she has mastered the art of helping others look for love and has spent 13 years helping single women manifest love and romantic relationships in their lives.

In line with her passion for helping people find romance, she has established her brand Shay Better Coaching. Having guided hundreds of people on how to find love, she has been featured in national media outlets such as Sister Circle, TV One's Fatal Attraction, Rolling Out, Sheen Magazine, Rolling Out, and more.

For almost seven years, she was a five-time award-winning top performer in the pharmaceutical sales industry at Amarin Pharma, bringing in an estimated $8,000,000 into the company. Her professional life would, however, change after a false claim was reported by her white counterpart, who had been working for the company for less than a year.

The claim would diminish Shay's achievements without the opportunity to defend herself. According to Shay, her word "automatically holds less weight" because of the color of her skin. What followed was a series of insensitive and demeaning comments from some of her co-workers. She took on a brave move and reported the unjust treatment she experienced to management and human resources of the company. Instead of action being taken, she was punished for allegedly having the side hobby of helping singles find love, which she did in her personal time. Although she has been outperforming everyone in her district for almost seven years, she was told that if she gave that focus to the job, "then imagine what else she could accomplish." An investigation was launched against her, and she was asked to apologize to her co-workers for not working at full capacity, an accusation that her work performance proved was false.

The situation served as a wake-up call for Shay. She could see how the company was undermining her top performance. No matter how much revenue she had brought in, the situation made her feel that she was still not enough unless and until she would find a way to diminish her African-American nature.

Today, she is dedicated to getting a critical message across. She seeks to bring in racial justice to the workplace. For years, many Black people have endured unfair treatment in their professional lives because of their skin color. Regardless of the hard work they have exerted, they are still treated less. Shay is determined to find a way to correct this injustice.

Indeed, her experience taught her more values in life. Shay seeks to inspire others who are going through difficulties in whatever aspect of their lives. With her fair share of hardships in love, career, life, and in general, these helped her see her real worth as a person. As a way to give back to society, she continues to help women find this through Shay Better Coaching. She hopes to help more women stand up for their value as a person and find the best versions of themselves.

To know more about Shay Levister, feel free to connect with her through her website.

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