Ryan Rios Began Telemarketing Barely Making Ends Meet And Now Is Making Seven Figures Due To His Hard Work
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Ryan Rios Began Telemarketing Barely Making Ends Meet And Now Is Making Seven Figures Due To His Hard Work

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 10:45 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2020 / Having a good mentor in life can help you achieve your goals. A good mentor understands the path that their mentee is taking and tries to guide them through it and avoid the mistakes they made in the past. For Ryan Rios, his mentor was the key to his success in the telemarketing business, where he made his fortune.

"I started training with Ricky Gomez. He would pick me up, and we would train literally from 4 am to 7 pm. He taught me all the fundamentals and how to sell. Once I was good enough in his eyes, he introduced me to Kris Gomez, aka Shark, who is his brother, and Kris taught me how to sell big. Since then, I've broken many records in the telemarketing industry and have been the #1 top producer for the past couple years." Exclaims Ryan.

Before he met his mentor, Ryan was struggling. He was living with his mom and had no money to his name. He had just lost his job and did not think that anything was coming along that would help him. His saving grace was an ad that he saw on Craigslist, which guided him to his sales career.

"My sales career started back in 2013 when I came across an ad on Craigslist. During this time, I had just lost my warehouse job, my car got repossessed, and I was living in a trailer at my mom's house."I had to borrow 2$ from my mom to ride the bus to make it to the interview. This was my first introduction to telemarketing sales. I got the job, and it paid $190 a week, which was a salesman draw during the time it was equivalent to $5 an hour. I took the job and made just enough money to move out from my moms and rent a room. I rode the bus to and from work in the beginning of my career." Remembers Ryan.

Ryan's training made him different from other telemarketers around him. He put in the hours at work and also after work. He learned the tools of the trade from Ricky and Kris and was able to make a fortune because of it.

"I'm an expert in sales and negotiation. In the beginning, I worked from 4 am-7 pm, learning more about my trade. I've made a name for myself by dialing amongst the best in the business and coming out on top. When I started my career, I rode the bus and rented a room and would blame everyone but myself for my situation. Once I stopped playing the victim role, things changed for me." States Ryan.

When Ryan says that he has been breaking numerous records, he means it! He has been one of the most successful telemarketers since beginning his career in the business. Ryan has achieved financial stability and freedom, unlike ever before. When he started, he was not making a whole lot of money, but now, he makes millions of dollars.

"I became one of the Top Producing Salesmen in the nation in the telemarketing industry in under four months, which makes me the fastest person to do so in the company's history. I made my first six figures at the age of 23. Since then, I've broken many records in the Telemarketing Industry. I am the first person to ever produce seven figures in a year as an individual; most offices don't do so. For the past couple years up until now, I've been the #1 salesman in our industry. I've done over 5 million in sales in my career thus far." Says Ryan.

Thanks to the help of his mentors in life and his mentality, Ryan was able to overcome his situation. He refused to be stuck in the nine to five grind and living paycheck to paycheck. He put his mind to it and worked hard to achieve his goals.

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