Credit Counseling Service Level Financing Launch Announcement
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Credit Counseling Service Level Financing Launch Announcement

Thursday, July 30, 2020 1:00 PM
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ROSEVILLE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2020 / Four accomplished business leaders today announced the formation of LEVEL Capital Inc, dba LEVEL Financing; a groundbreaking debt solutions company built specifically for Internet 3.0 and post-COVID impact world.

Serendipitously announced during a crucial phase in the American economy, the perfectly timed LEVEL Financial initiative is spearheaded by a synergistic power team, including financial veterans Jason Bartlett and Torrey Osborne of American Debt Solutions (ADS)/US Educational Financial Solutions (USEFS); veteran entrepreneur Greg Connolly of Trifecta -the nation's largest meal delivery system with annual revenue well into the 9 figures-and Natalie Minh, CEO of the award-winning digital marketing agency Natalie Minh Interactive (NMI), a longtime force in the health and fitness space.

With the mission of liberating hard-working Americans from debt and facilitating long-term financial wellness; LEVEL Financing employs over 265 vetted service experts and top tier financial consultants, who are all dedicated to restoring people's economic freedom with dignity and transparency. Through automated and highly personalized debt solution programs; LEVEL can offer clients continuous support and a fair path to eliminate debt in a timely and affordable manner that gets them back on their feet quicker, so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck and secure their future with more and better options.


Where other companies offer financial planning heavily focused on investments; LEVEL Financing focuses mainly on debt restructuring, debt management, and favorable hybrid loan solutions. Once clients are back in a healthy financial position, LEVEL can help decrease overall living costs by negotiating better loan terms, lower monthly payments, and more reasonable interest rates across the board.

A leader in the financial field with a multi-decade long track record resolving debt for tens of thousands of families with his companies ADS and USEFS; co-founding LEVEL partner Jason Bartlett states that:

"We've worked with thousands of people that come to us after months or even years of suffering from debt with this sense of having nowhere to turn. Many of these people are stuck in the pattern of not knowing all of their options. Through the nine years, we've been working within this industry, we know exactly how to work with the creditors to give people real solutions that work to get out of debt. We also give our clients real financial coaching that will continue to teach them and embrace more effective spending habits, so they embrace true financial freedom and live a financially fit lifestyle."

- Jason Bartlett CEO

"The relief and personal shift resulting from debt resolution are truly remarkable." says ADS/USEFS partner and LEVEL Financing co-founder Torrey Osborne.

"It is really a privilege to be in the position to help people achieve lifelong freedom after overcoming the unbelievable pressure of credit card debt, hungry collectors, and sometimes impending foreclosure or bankruptcy."

- Torrey Osborne CFO

An accomplished businessman heavily invested in products meant to improve personal health and well-being, Trifecta's Greg Connolly explains his motivation to join the formation of LEVEL Financing:

"Living in debt is incredibly stressful, and it takes a toll on every area of your life. As someone who's passionate about helping American's succeed as individuals and as a society, I invest my time and money into products I truly believe in. I feel that LEVEL represents an invaluable contribution to increased American wealth and financial stability, something every family deserves. Stable finances and long-term health go hand in hand; so we are here to modernize the debt settlement industry and make it significantly more consumer-friendly."

- Greg Connolly Managing Director

Complementing the team as senior fitness and health marketing authority with extensive financial, business, and marketing background; spanning from international structured finance for Fortune 100 companies to digital solutions for bootstrapped start-ups, LEVEL partner and NMI digital marketing agency CEO Natalie Minh is well versed in multiple aspects of both personal wellness and economic health.

"In a world full of financial advisors helping already secure people invest in their future, Americans who are in financial distress are left behind. When you're debt-ridden and struggling, you have very few people that you can turn to, leading you to believe that filing life-changing bankruptcy (and all that comes with it) is your only option. LEVEL's heart-driven business cuts through the suffocating anxiety, to provide families with foundational financial education and the chance to settle an old debt. We are invested in helping everyone achieve The American Dream of a comfortable life that has a safety net and the freedom to plan your future."

- Natalie Minh CTO

LEVEL Financing was founded in Roseville, CA in 2019, by Jason Bartlett and Torrey Osborne (ADS/USEFS); Greg Connolly (Trifecta Nutrition) and Natalie Minh (NMI).

Merging long-standing financial solution authorities American Debt Solution and US Educational Financial Solutions under a new name, LEVEL Financing goes by the slogan "LEVEL up your Money Game"-backed by the notion that everyone deserves a fair, dignified chance to resolve their debt so that they can gain the freedom to choose a life that they truly want.

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LEVEL Financing
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LEVEL Financing
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