More Than 20 Families Enjoy Their Home Thanks to KMTG Initiatives
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More Than 20 Families Enjoy Their Home Thanks to KMTG Initiatives

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 3:15 PM
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 29, 2020 / The KMTG First Buyers Program provides families who have been paying rent for years with the option of purchasing their own homes within the states of Florida, New York and New Jersey.

In the state of Florida, home shoppers only get a company with this business model: it gives advice on the selection, remodeling and closing of the property, and looks for various financing options. KMTG has an allied loan entity, which owns its services within its offices in the city of Doral, in order to facilitate the process and speed up the transaction.

"In order for you to be able to opt for a mortgage loan, you must have at least a 5% down payment, and it is no secret to anyone that there are many families who do not have that amount to be able to do so," assures the vice-president of KMTG, Al Santiago. Given this premise and understanding the needs of the communities, he puts himself in their shoes and awards $5,000 to those who meet the selection requirements. However, Santiago also commented that he guides his clients in how to apply in their respective counties for financial aid to fulfill the dream of obtaining their home.

According to the latest study by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, 24% of people who rent a home are elderly and disabled. Likewise, the report informs that most of them are active in the workforce and receiving a low income for their services provided.

Under this scenario, Santiago joins the dozens of entrepreneurs who have decided to contribute in this quarantine season, helping Hispanic families secure their future and a roof for their dependents. Today, despite the crisis generated by COVID-19, the real estate market has been active, secure and constantly growing. For this reason, Santiago calls on community members in the state of Florida to work to buy their homes, instead of paying rent that, in the end, will not leave them an asset.

A total of 22 families have managed to obtain their homes through KMTG since the end of 2019. KMTG can guide renters to find their mortgage solution in the states of New York, New Jersey and Florida.

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