Kevin David's Amazon FBA Packages: What's Right for You
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Kevin David's Amazon FBA Packages: What's Right for You

Thursday, July 30, 2020 11:15 AM
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SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2020 / Kevin David understands that Amazon FBA doesn't have a one size fits all approach that equals success. Winning at Amazon FBA takes time and perseverance. A sales strategy that works now may not work six months from now. Instead of struggling to keep up with the trends, prospective FBA sellers can turn to Kevin David to automate their Amazon stores. Kevin David has partnered with another successful Amazon FBA extraordinaire to launch AMZ Automation.

David Arnett and Kevin David came up with AMZ Automation as a tool for sellers who want to earn a reliable income without having to manage daily operations. AMZ Automation provides investors with a hands-off platform to make money through successful Amazon sales channels.

How to get started on AMZ Automation?

Kevin David and David Arnett partnering up for an automated program through Amazon, made waves through the Amazon FBA community. Both of these entrepreneurs launched wildly successful Amazon storefronts. The model they used to create their high sales figures on Amazon was the company's FBA program. FBA translates to Fulfillment by Amazon. As part of this program, sellers choose their inventory and pricing and ship their goods to Amazon for storage. Amazon will also handle packaging and shipping any items sold through your storefront. Their team also fields customer service inquiries.

Although the FBA program is a great way to accelerate your sales, managing a store is time-consuming. Not every prospective seller has the time and resources to research and manage inventory. To turn a profit quickly, more and more sellers are inquiring about AMZ Automation. To better serve their partners, Kevin David and David Arnett customized four sales packages.

Amazon FBA Automation-Emerald

The Emerald package is for serious investors who wish to dominate with their Amazon sales. With the Emerald package, Kevin's team mitigates sales risks, and FBA experts manage your storefront. Since white-glove service comes standard with the Emerald package, a minimal number of spots are available. For program consideration, the required additional working capital for inventory is $20,000.

The most significant benefit of the Emerald package is exclusivity. AMZ Automation selects four exclusive products for you to sell on Amazon. No one else receives your same product options and you choose two to launch simultaneously. AMZ Automation researches these items thoroughly to confirm viability on the Amazon marketplace. Once you make your selections, expert team members create fully-optimized listings on your behalf. AMZ Automation selects precise SEO terms, back-end keyword optimization, engaging titles, and professional descriptions.

Our Emerald partners get to take full advantage of our partnerships with the best manufacturers worldwide. Our arrangements ensure you get competitive prices to earn the highest profit margin.

Kevin David's AMZ Automation program at the Emerald level also provides 12 weeks of live mentorship sessions with Amazon's leading sellers, 12 weeks of unlimited use of the top Amazon selling software program, three months of PPC management, and exclusive access to the AMZ Automation dedicated email support service. Best of all, Emerald users get a private Mastermind session with Kevin and David to learn their trade secrets.

Amazon FBA Semi-Automation-Gold

Not all sellers want to give up control over their sales channels on Amazon. They would like to stay involved while also seeing an upturn in sales. In this scenario, the Gold option is the top pick for sellers. Spaces for this program is also very limited, with a suggested working capital investment of $10,000.

Gold members get to choose one out of two exclusive products with high selling potential. No one else has access to these two products. Once you select a product, the AMZ Automation prepares the listing using the best practices for SEO. The AMZ Automation team researches shipping options and manufacturing pricing for you. Your job is only to choose the best prices available.

As your products launch, you'll have access to mentorship from Amazon sellers who will advise you to keep your sales skyrocketing.

Amazon FBA Automation Silver and Bronze

Those with lower capital investments can still enter the AMZ Automation program at the Silver and Bronze level. Silver investors receive access to 1,000 exclusive, targeted products offered only to plan members. Support services are available to Silver members every step of the way to maximize earnings potential. Three months of mentorship and the Amazon FBA Masterclass help mold the next generation of top Amazon sellers.

The Bronze program is for those who want to remain completely hands-on. Yet, Bronze members access a suite of incredible training opportunities to navigate their Amazon FBA journey successfully. Over 10,000 Bronze members have completed the program and launched their own phenomenal Amazon empires.

Kevin David aims to help those who want to make a living outside of the corporate world. After years of working for companies such as PwC and Facebook, Kevin David decided to chase his dream of entrepreneurship and found terrific success through Amazon FBA.


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