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CJ Hammond on His Brand Fit Legend Inc

Thursday, July 23, 2020 11:15 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 23 2020 / CJ Hammond is an entrepreneur who started the company Fit Legend Inc which is a health and wellness brand and personal training business. On the training aspect their mission is "At Fit Legend Inc, we provide an integrated performance system that enhances the overall productivity and skill level of each athlete: Optimally, Efficiently, and Ethically. Our athletes are motivated through educational tools that allow them to understand the operational value of each tactical point. This knowledge allows them to apply our teachings to their specific athletic ability, physical environment, and life's daily routines. Reducing the risk of an injury is our ultimate goal." Along with this, Fit Legend Inc also provides expert knowledge on various fitness and health topics for blogs, magazines, and fitness websites.

CJ Hammond, Thursday, July 23, 2020, Press release picture

Every entrepreneur goes through obstacles and failures before finding their true passion and success. CJ Hammond made the decision to start his own business Fit Legend Sports and Fitness in 2013 because he had always wanted to own a company, and did not want to work behind a desk for the rest of his life. While owning Fit Legend Sports & Fitness, CJ Hammond trained many athletes at the time but he did face many obstacles. In 2016 he had to close his gym down for financial reasons, but he did not let this failure turn into fear and refused to give up. Later in that year, CJ got the opportunity to move to LA to restart and expand his career.

While in LA, he worked at a boxing gym for 3 years where he learned an immense amount of information about the sport. This was a huge asset for CJ that he added to his strength and conditioning background. CJ Hammond wanted to learn even more about the industry and became a certified EXOS Performance Specialist which is a well respected organization for sports performance. He rebranded and started a new company in 2019 called Fit Legend Inc because in those years he grew so much as a person and a coach. In LA, CJ built a network of clientele big enough to start out on his own again and build something even greater.

CJ differentiates himself from his competition because of his love and passion for coaching. He is not an instagram influencer who does it for the likes or followers. He has a great network of clientele that he has worked years for to get to this point. CJ Hammond's resume speaks for itself with his knowledge of EXOS and NASM where he learned how to train all types of people. CJ's biggest asset that he brings to the industry is his ability to sustain long lasting relationships with his clients. He is versatile in his training from sports rehab, performance training, boxing, strength and conditioning. An additional trait that CJ has to bring to the industry is his incredible writing skills that he uses to give expert tips to fitness companies and blogs.

Each entrepreneur has a different journey, knowledge, and outcome when they start. CJ Hammond was born and raised in Washington, DC, attended St. John's Catholic High School and went on to play Division 1 football at Temple University. He graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management. After graduation, he pursued his love of fitness by moving to Miami and opening his first sports performance gym. CJ then developed an interest in boxing and learned the art of its "sweet science." His new passion and increasing knowledge of the industry led CJ Hammond to start Fit Legend Inc. His craft has allowed him to train some of the world's top athletes from various sports.

As an EXOS Performance Specialist, CJ Hammond prides himself in developing and incorporating scientific-integrated programs within his workout routines. Each of his clients receive a personalized training schedule that includes performance enhancement, strength and conditioning, as well as sports rehabilitation. To learn more about Fit Legend Inc and get started today, click here.


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SOURCE: CJ Hammond

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